Rafael can customize FILCO KOBO white checkered red lacquer Shunkei years warranty mechanical keyboard Stock Inquiry Service

Rafael can customize FILCO KOBO white checkered red lacquer Shunkei years warranty mechanical keyboard Stock Inquiry Service

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Rafael can URS-SHK02
  • Brand: Feier can
  • Model: URS-SHK02
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Whether mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color: red plaid red plaid button -104 -87 -104 key key granite red sandalwood red sandalwood red button -104 -87 -87 keys key black checkered checkered black granite red -87 -104 key new key Check white --104 key new white checkered --104 white checkered new Bluetooth - 87 keys retro teak --104 key Jinlin --104 key squirrelfish - 87 key red sandalwood --104 olive ivory Bluetooth - 87 keys new classic wood -87 -104 key Xinhai soul blue olive ivory --104 key Xinhai soul blue -87 -104 key new classic retro teak wood --104 Bluetooth olive ivory --104 Bluetooth retro teak - 87 keys
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
  • Connection: Cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: None
  • Interface Type: USB PS / 2
  • Whether to support ergonomics: not supported
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Please read the following information carefully and then shoot!!!

BNM year warranty

Custom keyboard, there are two boxes: Original color box / kraft paper boxes were shipped

The reason: the keyboard is factory Original color box, kraft paper packaging is another custom,

If custom kraft paper boxes run out, use Original color box,

Actually, using Original packaging to avoid waste, more environmentally friendly,

Original packaging and more solid, beautiful, well protected your baby

Display image is part of the Japanese keys renderings for reference only, BNM English only 104/87/67 keys.

When you choose the model, please pay attention to the color and keys, such as white checkered 104-key.

★ good shot before, please note that you need is what axis? What marking? For example: red marking on the shaft

There are four axis can be selected: Tea axis / black shaft / green axis / red axis

Marking There are two ways to choose: the marking / engraving side

Our gifts do not send any additional keyboard with the original packaging to send what what

★ Because SF embargoed air battery, Bluetooth keyboard wife battery does not send default

Under the icon have a reservation, please rest assured photographed, issued immediately after delivery to SF

About Bluetooth dual-mode keyboard Tips:

1. dual-mode series Do not When energized, struck the back of the 4 dip switch;
2. on the safe side, use a wired mode, it is recommended to remove the battery;
3. The string may be the key to switch to Bluetooth mode Make sure the connection is normal;
4. Bluetooth mode appears batter is recommended to switch to other bands and other wifi;

5. Apple (MAC OS) only supports Bluetooth mode can not be wired;
6. The dual-mode does not support PS2 port, only USB, any 6 keys no red;
7. No Bluetooth adapter, such as your Bluetooth-enabled device without need to be purchased separately;

Ordinary wired version of the series you want to connect ps2 small round mouth, be sure to turn off the power in the access to your computer and switch it on. If direct access round mouth it is easy to put a keyboard or computer '' burn '' bad!

Overseas users. Recommend the use of transit services offered by Lynx,

Domestic Shipment part we only charge 10 yuan, SF,

Domestic to overseas transportation services provided by the Lynx and charges so that your shipping expenses will be much lower.

Lynx international transit links: http://transport.tmall.com/

A brief introduction about the customized products

Color fastness full range of customized products based on different color technology, there are some differences, roughly as follows:

Gold series:

Pure gold wrapped in a border surface, Extremely difficult Fade, but should be used with care to avoid scratching hard objects.

Solid color index: ★★★★★

Scratch abrasion index: ★★★

Water transfer series:

Sea Spirit as blue, red checkered, white checkered, checkered black and yellow checkered, black granite, red granite, red sandalwood, ebony black Jin Lin, the new Plaid white, vintage teak, ivory and other olives

Color pigments over the water transfer technology will be immersed in a patterned border, after drying, the outermost surface covered with a transparent protective layer, the process is common in high-end luxury car and boat dashboards. Advantages of various patterns, colors rich, but some corners / edges site there may be subtle defects due to a protective layer to protect, not fade.

Solid color index: ★★★★★

Scratch abrasion index: ★★★★

Paint color series:

As Shunkei painted, red lacquer red, seven ink, green glaze coating, black and silver, the dragon clouds, wind celadon, black pattern, red pattern, red gold sand, gold pears, etc..

Japan spread centuries of tradition lacquer, this initial pass Cheng Zijiang indoor paints law hidden deep technology, such as heavy boxes, fruit plate, tea sets, dishes, etc., the range of finished products are painted to celebrate spring, prices also have hundreds circle from the most expensive to the high price of yen to several million.

Craftsmen border brush on the surface of many road paint, a brush, waiting to dry and then brush a generally seventy-eight much as quaint and beautiful, full of flavor due to the hardness of the general natural paint colors, and the surface is smooth, it is easy to produce imperceptible fine scratches.

Paint color series is pure hand-painted, gold foil logo, sprinkle with powder, so the logo will be part of a little gold powder, which is the mark of pure hand, can not be avoided, please understand.

Color solid exponent: ★★★★

Scratch abrasion index: ★★★★

Paint series:

Such as the new Italian red.

Traditional paint process, bright color, very beautiful, very high surface smoothness, by everyone's favorite, but after prolonged use, the corner site may occur discoloration.

Solid color index: ★★★

Scratch abrasion index: ★★★★

Silver Mirror Technology Series:

Such as gold silver mirror, silver mirror silver.

The process uses no heavy metals environmental technology, common in car customization, very bright light, but the process complexity, high cost, the process is more advanced in Japan.

The disadvantage is that after prolonged use, easy to friction corner site may cause discoloration.

Solid color index: ★★★

Scratch abrasion index: ★★★★

Gold-plated Series:

Such as matte gold, matte silver, black and silver chrome and the like.

There are three: 24k gold-plated sterling silver-plated 99 trivalent chromium, a slightly different color, very strong sense of metal, affordable, and high level of technology in Japan this gold plating.

The disadvantage is the low color fastness, easy to fade.

Solid color index: ★★

Scratch abrasion index: ★★★★

Fast delivery - SF worry!!!

Two-year warranty - lifetime warranty!!!

Custom keyboard are not free shipping, the default hair good luck!

New Italian red 1399, hot buy in, please hit

Using advanced conversion processes coupe cool silver mirror coating listing 1699 yuan:

This product is imported hand-tailored products, handmade products can not do exactly the same given the appearance of each product, if any part of the phenomenon of color or appearance defects, etc., is a reasonable range, not be returned, please understand.

About paint series, hand-painted, with the following models: Shunkei painting / antique red lacquer / paint seven ink

Paint color series is pure hand-painted, gold foil logo, sprinkle with powder, so the logo will be part of a little gold powder, which is the mark of pure hand, can not be avoided, please understand.

Olive Ivory:

Custom keyboard part FILCO beautiful pictures appreciation:

Genuine Statement

Screenshots are from the following two FILCO (Feier available) Japan official website link:

1.KOBO custom home page below:

2. The English version of the official website home page below: