Yoshikawa Fish Fishing Triple Hook Fishhook

Yoshikawa Fish Fishing Triple Hook Fishhook

Product description:

  • Specially designed triple grip fishhook.
  • Wonderful fishing tool of this fishing line bait for fishing lovers.
  • This fishhook welds 6 hooks (3 hooks a group, 2 groups ) together to form two triples hooks.
  • It has six sharp barbs so that the chance of fishing more fish.
  • This fish hook features durability and strong holding power for fishhook has cone cut points.
  • Brand new product with high quality.
  • Fish hook length: 90mm, weight: 9.5g.

Package Details
Weight: 21.40 g
Size: 12.5*4*2 cm
Package Includes
1 * Genuine Yoshikawa Fishing Triple Hook Fishhook