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Fat Worm Spoon Lure 3g (Blue)

Fat Worm Spoon Lure 3g (Blue)
  • Fat Worm Spoon Lure 3g (Blue)
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  • 3g fat worm spoon lure for fishing
  • Perfect for erythroculter ilishaeformis, Opsariichthys bidens, Zacco platypus, white fish, trout, salmon, Barbodes
  • Features an ability to stimulate the lateral lines of a fish
  • Features a single heavy duty hook
  • Different towing speed will create different dynamic performance in the water, from rotation, swing to sigmoid swimming
  • Effectively to arouse fish's desire to attack
  • An great fishing accessory for every angler
Package Details
Weight: 5.35 g
Size: 10.00*6.00*0.3 cm
Package Includes
* Fat Worm Spoon Lure 3g