Wrangler 2 macro definition programming professional gaming backlit wired gaming mouse | Notebook CF / LOL

Wrangler 2 macro definition programming professional gaming backlit wired gaming mouse | Notebook CF / LOL

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: NAFFEE / resistance galaxy Philippines
  • Brand: NAFFEE / resistant Philippines
  • Model: Milky Way
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Color Classification: Ivory Premium Edition 7-color backlight can switch light breathing on their own 7 Premium Edition matte black color breathing light switch backlighting self
  • Work: Photoelectric
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Optical resolution: 2400dpi
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Milky Way belongs to the eighth generation Wrangler style mouse. Do not install the drive can be used normally. Games there is a need to install a macro definition gaming software.

New Arrivals earn popular activities in ..... we do not want to blindly reduce the quality to go away cheap price, the price war is the ultimate loss of the interests of consumers. Besides price under the same quality that we have been considered to be very low. I would also guarantee service

Professional gaming products hyun, God no longer distant super!

** Competitive pragmatic faction flourish**

Between God and you're just a super galaxy mouse

Download Driver macro definitions:

One reason : 6 key support custom, macro programming To meet the various game settings function (comes with configuration files can be stored, without re-setting, set to solve the annoyance);

Two reasons : Macro programming software comes with popular games macros, without cumbersome operations, a key set, flew over God (The speed of light QA, barrel-E flash, flash blind monk R, Prince Eren, Eren Tau can also record your own program) ;

Three reasons : Centro 7 color breathing lights, the lights can switch , A mouse changes 7 colors combinations, 10,000 kinds of changes, the color is not a single product Oh! Breathing light self-control on and off (Hold down the side key is not loose, and then press the CPI button you can switch backlighting)It's up to bright or not bright light automatically shut down your computer exterminate!.;

Four reasons : Total Support 4-speed DPI, 4 fast switching gear 1200-1600-2400-3200 (either drawing or games are designed to meet);

Five reasons : Buttons with 20 million Competitive games jog switch Rebound neat, crisp feel, more durable;

Six reasons : Ergonomic design , Left and right symmetrical design, a long time with not tired, do not fight lasting;

Seven reasons : Support quick game mode, multimedia mode, Office mode switch ! (A key driver page toggle function, play games, listen to music, office Shenma are instantaneous heart thing!)

Source: The product presentation on life test data obtained from Shenzhen fly Technology Co., Ltd.