Power Pro PE 0.3mm 135m Fishing Line (Green)

Power Pro PE 0.3mm 135m Fishing Line (Green)

Product description:

  • Brand: PowerPro.
  • Length: 135m.
  • Diameter: 0.30mm.
  • Weight bearing: 25kg.
  • Smooth surface, less friction and low water absorption.
  • A rounder, more compact line.
  • Structurally superior.
  • Smoother and slicker.
  • Adopts Enhanced Body Technology permeates this revolutionary braided line with a protective layer that will not peel off.
  • Much stronger than steel and winds easily on to any type of reel without retaining memory.
  • The smooth surface texture allows it to effortlessly sail quietly through the guides.
  • Comes with a blade, easy to cut.
  • Great for fishing.

Package Details
Weight: 100.58 g
Size: 13*9.5*2.5 cm
Package Includes
1 * Fishing Line