Canon Canon P-215II high-speed color duplex document scanner portable P215 upgraded version | UNPROFOR

Canon Canon P-215II high-speed color duplex document scanner portable P215 upgraded version | UNPROFOR

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Canon / Canon
  • Model: P-215
  • Scanning element: CMOS
  • Scanner Type: document scanner portable scanner
  • Service: Genius
  • Most large format: A4
  • Interface Type: USB2.0
  • Optical Resolution (dpi): 300x300dpi

Types of Desktop fed scanner
File into Automatic page feeding
File Size Width: 50.8-216mm, Length: 70-356 mm, the card scanned: 54 × 86 mm
Document thickness and weight 0.06-0.15 mm, 52-128g / m 2Card Scan: 0.76 mm, ISO7810 ID-1 for
Feeding capacity 3 mm stacking height or 20 64 g / m2
Scanning element CMOS image sensors
light source LED (red, green, blue)
Scanning plane Simplex / Duplex
Scan Mode Black and White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 8 bits (256) grayscale, 24-bit color
Resolution 150 × 150dpi, 200 × 200dpi, 300 × 300dpi, 400 × 400dpi, 600 × 600dpi
Scanning speed *1 When using a USB2.0 bus power Black and White / Grayscale 200 / 300dpi: 12ppm (simplex), 14ipm (duplex)
color 200 dpi: 10ppm (simplex), 10ipm (duplex)
300dpi: 6ppm (single-sided), 6ipm (double-sided)
When using, USB3.0*2, USB2.0 bus power, the power supply with the USB cable or AC adapter Black and White / Grayscale 200 / 300dpi: 15ppm (simplex), 30ipm (duplex)
color 200 dpi: 10ppm (simplex), 20ipm (duplex)
300dpi: 6ppm (simplex), 12ipm (duplex)
interface High-speed USB2.0 (USB3.0 bus power is also supported)
Scanner Driver Windows: ISIS / TWAIN driver, Mac: TWAIN driver
software Windows:! ISIS / TWAIN Driver, CaptureOnTouch, CaptureOnTouch Lite (Built-in), PaperPort, Presto BizCard, Evernote*3
Mac:!! TWAIN Driver, CaptureOnTouch, CaptureOnTouch Lite (Built-in), Presto PageManager ,, Presto BizCard, Evernote*3
Useful Functions Automatic mode, skew correction, automatic paper size detection, 3-dimensional color correction, user preferences, in addition to color (red / green / blue), color enhancement (red), get rid of color, automatic color detection, shading correction, Text Enhancement (advanced text enhancement II), dual stream output (Windows only), preset Gamma curve, the pre-scan, rotate images, scanning panel, Skip blank page, select the scan file surface, the scanning area settings, text direction, continue scanning, edge enhancement reduce Moire, prevent Bleed Through / remove background, contrast management, job function, smooth background, automatically set the resolution, character enhancement
power supply USB2.0 bus power: 0.5A (AC line and only) 1.0A (power supply and wire bonding)
USB3.0*2Bus power: 0.9A and Options: AC adapter: DC6V, 0.8A
Energy consumption Only the USB cable: 2.5W (USB2.0), 4.5W (USB3.0*2)
USB cable and power supply USB cable: 5.0W (USB2.0), 7.0W (USB3.0*2)
Sleep mode: 1.5W Power Off: 0.1W

Operating environment Temperature: 10 ℃ -32.5 ℃ (50 ° F-90.5 ° F) Humidity: 20% -80% RH
Dimensions (W × D × H) Into the tray closed: 285 × 95 × 40mm
Into the tray opens: 285 × 257 × 202mm
weight About 1.0KG
Options / Supplies AC adapter, carrying case, USB cable, separation pad into the wheel
* 1 The scanning speed may vary depending on the PC environment, scanner settings, and various other factors differ
* 2 USB cable that came with the scanner design for this section, please do not use it on any other device.
* 3 by connecting a network installation
Above specifications are subject to change without notice.