Slim White LED Flashlight Torch Keychain (Black)

Slim White LED Flashlight Torch Keychain (Black)

Product description:

  • Great for emergency or general use.
  • It fits easily into pocket, purse, briefcase or the glove compartment.
  • The 20000 mcd LED lasts 100000 hours and withstand drops of several feet.
  • Use 1 piece standard AA battery to operate it.
  • There is On/ off button at the end of this torch.
  • Simple to control it by pressing the switch button.
  • LED bulbs will last forever (100000hrs) . No replacement needed.
  • Comes with aluminum body and rust proof rubber handle, very comfortable to handle.
  • It is extreme cool looking and handy.
  • Waterproof and shock resistant.
  • Perfect for simple day to day task.
  • There is a keychain at its end, easy for you to carry with.
  • Length: 9.5cm.
Package Details
Weight: 34.24 g
Size: 9*1.8*1.8 cm
Package Includes
1 * Slim White LED Light Flashlight Torch Keychain