UltraFire WF-501B Cree Q5 LED Flashlight Kit (Black)

UltraFire WF-501B Cree Q5 LED Flashlight Kit (Black)

Product description:

General Specs
Brand UltraFire
Model WF-501B
Type LED Flashlight
Material aluminum alloy
Bulb Number 1
Emitter Type CREE
Emitter BIN Q5
Emitter Base aluminum reflector
Color BIN white
Luminous Flux 210LM
Number of Mode 5 modes
Mode Arrangement Hi) Mid) Low) Fast Strobe ) SOS
Working Voltage 3.6V-4.2V
LED Service Life 1000000 hours
Battery Configuration 2* 3000mAh protected rechargeable 18650 battery (included)
Strap strap included
Others wired dual-slot travel battery charger
Water resistant design.
High-efficiency constant current output circuit.
Make maximum use of batteries.
Battery working time: 4-6 hours.
With a strap and easy to carry.
LED flashlight, wired dual-slot travel battery charger and two rechargeable 18650 battery are included in this kit.
Adopts the protected rechargeable 18650 battery which can protect the battery from over-charging and over-discharging.

Package Details
Weight: 288.90 g
Size: 10*9*9 cm
Package Includes
1 * UltraFire WF-501B LED Flashlight
2 * 3000mAh 18650 Battery (included)
1 * Wired Dual-slot Travel Battery Charger