Hand Winding Charger Radio Flashlight Torch (White)

Hand Winding Charger Radio Flashlight Torch (White)

Product description:

  • Streamline boby design, beautiful, comfortable hand feel, useful, essential for family and travelling.
  • Blink and siren functions. It is the best helpful tool when you meet emergent situation on outdoor traveling and camping.
  • Flashlight charger adopts mechanical device to generate electricity with precise construction and high working efficiency, battery-free, green environmental protection.
  • Hand Press Flashlight can charge Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola or other mobile phone.
  • Auto scan radio with loud and clear speaker, and easy to operate.
  • After fully charged, the flashlight can work 6-8 hours continuously, hand winded for one minute, it can work over 10 minutes.
  • Four functions in one of emergent lighting, cellphone charging, alarm and flashlight radio.
  • Range of radio: 88Mhz~108Mhz
  • Speaker voltage: 0.25W
  • Light live ) 10 thousand hours
  • Power expense ( 0.5W
Package Details
Weight: 181.90 g
Size: 14.6*6.3*4.4 cm
Package Includes
1 * Hand Winding Charger Radio Flashlight Torch
3 * Adaptor
1 * Hand Strap
1 * Cable