Iron General reversing radar 4 probe 6 probe 8 probe live voice buzzing alarm car parking sensor before and after parking

Iron General reversing radar 4 probe 6 probe 8 probe live voice buzzing alarm car parking sensor before and after parking

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Steel Mate / General Iron
  • Iron General Model: front and rear radar
  • (General note of a good probe color) 3. 'package installation' Iron General 3105C blue screen after the radar 4 probe 'pure buzz drops' 2. 'not included in the installation' Iron General 3109 parking sensor 4 probe 3109 rear radar 4 probe (note the good probe color) 4. 'not included in the installation' iron General 3280 Ceiling 6 probe - before 2 after 4 (Note probe color '5.' not included in the installation 'iron General 3280 ceiling 8 probe - Front 4 rear 4 '(Note probe color 6.' No package installation 'Iron General 3160 Radar 6 Probe - Front 2 rear 4' Probe Color Remarks '7.' not included 'Iron General 3160 Radar 8 Probe - Top 4 rear 4' Probe Color Remarks' 8. 'Package Installation' Iron General 3160 Radar 8 Probes - Front 4 After 4 'Remarks Probe Number'
  • Alarm volume: 70dB (inclusive) -90dB (inclusive)
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ -80 ℃
  • Test distance: 2.0m-0.3m
  • Video voice function: digital display with voice
  • Number of cores: 6 probes
  • Number of probes: 6
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Display type: LCD display
  • Function: Distance display

Treasurer reminder:

1.You shoot baby, according to your car models and colors, select the corresponding probe color and the buyer message note probe color number.

2. The color of each manufacturer's name is not the same, please choose the closest colorPerfectionist Shen shot , Need to perfect their own painting, the cost of self-care Thank you)

3.The probe color display error, will affect your choice of contrast, the display brightness, contrast and other parameters transferred to the standard state.

4.General iron standard aperture is 18.8 mm, if your car had a hole in the original proposal to the amount of holes under the hole size, too much can not be installed . 【22 mm aperture can be equipped with universal probe, the color is only black, white, silver.

5. You choose our package installation package, you place an order after the installation point will send you a text message with an address and contact information

After receiving a day in advance to make an appointment to go to your local installation of our installation point (please make sure your phone address is correct)

6 probe probe schematic diagram:

important hint:

1. Please install an electrician's technician.

2. Installation is completed, you should first confirm the normal function, can be used.

3. In case of heavy rain, sensor dirt or damage will affect the detection results.

4. This product is only for the use of auxiliary reminders. Can not reduce the driver in the emergency case of the responsibility of controlling the car. As a result of the accident. OUR is not responsible. Please note that drivers driving safely.

Read Before Buy:

This product within one year of use in the event of quality problems can be free replacement (man-made damage to the `screen` damage to the probe damage to the host accessories, except one year warranty before installation, please confirm the product is correct and then install and install After the discovery of product problems only support replacement, do not bear the cost of installation, confirmed before buying a good buy, thank you for support and understanding.