Iron General reversing radar, live voice alarm buzzer car front and rear 4 6 Exploration Exploration downwind 8 probe

Iron General reversing radar, live voice alarm buzzer car front and rear 4 6 Exploration Exploration downwind 8 probe

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Steel Mate / Iron General
  • General iron Model: before and after the radar
  • Color Classification: 1. [National] Cheap package is installed iron generals 3186LED lattice models Hou Leida 4 probe 2. [4] does not include installation of the probe after the Iron General 3109 + spare a probe (probe color Remarks) [3] does not include installation + Iron General 4 probe after a 3039B + spare probe (probe color Remarks) [4] national package installation Specials iron General 3280 ceiling front 24 does not include the installation of radar 5. [3160] iron generals radar before 2 4 6 + spare a probe . [not included installation - former iron General 3160 blue paragraph 4 4+ spare probe a 7. [National package installation] iron General 3160 before 2 4 radar [Note probe number] 8. [National package installation] iron General 3160 before 4 4 [Note] radar probe number 9. National Hou Leida installation services [4] Note that the probe installation fee is the installation fee
  • Alarm Volume: 70dB (including) -90dB (inclusive)
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ -80 ℃
  • Test distance: 2.0m-0.3m
  • Image Voice features: digital display with voice
  • The number of cores: 6 probe
  • The number of probe: 6
  • Service: Genius
  • Display Type: LCD Display
  • Function: live voice

3 anniversary carnival:

In order to better new and old customers, the shop introduced two special packages Specials radar installation packages. Iron General trustworthy, a good product is not necessarily expensive. (Customers need to install additional packages, select the package setup fee to join cart photographed together) .

Why reversing radar, are selected iron generals?

1, reliable quality : Reversing radar, is an active safety of the product, not more than the price than quality, because no one wanted the accident occurred; iron generals, trustworthy!

2, 20 years Brands : Reversing radar, is an active safety of the product, if the product itself is not safe, how to protect your safety? Iron General, trustworthy!

Treasurer Reminder:

1. When you shoot the baby, according to your car model and color, select the color of the corresponding probe and probe buyers message Remarks color number.

2. Each manufacturer of color not the same name, choose the closest color (Perfectionist carefully shot You need to ask yourself the perfect painting, expense thank you)

3. Since the probe color display error, it will affect your choice of contrast, brightness set display, contrast and other parameters adjusted to standard conditions.

4. Iron General standard aperture is 18.8 mm, if your car has the original size to the amount of drilling is recommended that the next hole punch, can not be installed too. [22 mm aperture can be equipped with universal probe, only the colors black, white, silver If larger aperture can contact customer service to purchase pouches expanded to 24 to 25 mm

RadarMaster introduction and installation and wiring diagrams:

6 Probe Detection Illustration:

important hint:

1. Please find my car electrician to install the product.

2. The installation should first confirm normal function, it can be used.

3. In case of rain, dirt or damaged sensor will affect the result of the detection.

4. This product is only for auxiliary remind purposes. Not reduce the responsibility of the driver control the car in critical situations such as accidents and therefore occur. Restaurant is not responsible. Please note that the driver drive safely.

Must read before buying:

1. This product is a price. Do not include installation costs.

2. This product is not very good due to the size and quality of the packaging. If you only ordered one. Temporarily only accept delivery .. according to actual costs.

3. If the order is more than a few can be checked. Costs can be greatly reduced. The time now about 2-3 days, but no delivery.

4. The use of this product within one year of any quality problems can enjoy a free replacement (man-made damage to the screen smash `` `host probe damage except missing parts water) one year warranty. Please make sure to install the product correctly before installation, installed after the product is found to the problem only support replacement, does not bear the cost of installation, confirm before buying good buy, thank you support and understanding.