Alarm Security Quit-smoking Electronic Cigarette (White)

Alarm Security Quit-smoking Electronic Cigarette (White)

Product description:

  • No light, burning, tar nor real smoke.
  • It does not contain tobacco nor second-hand smoke.
  • The electronic cigarette is an alternative cigarette, which looks like a real cigarette, tastes like a real cigarette and smokes like a real cigarette.
  • It is equipped with ten replaceable cigarette filters.
  • The nicotine content is many times lower than that of a classic cigarette.
  • With the electronic cigarette, you do not have to worry about bad teeth.
  • Works on rechargeable batteries.

* Two E-cigarettes * Ten Replaceable Filters

Inlcudes a charger adapter and a charging Cable.

Package Details
Weight: 187.25 g
Size: 17.5*12*3.8 cm
Package Includes
* Two Health Electronic Cigarettes
* Charger
* Cable
* Ten Replaceable Filters