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New Concept of magical Pets - Sea Faires

New Concept of magical Pets - Sea Faires
  • New Concept of magical Pets - Sea Faires
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  • Sea Faires are arguably the most spectacular and mysterious of all ocean fish.
  • It is lovely, its the whole DIY. (hatching, growth, birth of a new generation of products provide all the necessary day objects) , which hatch and survival rate high, every time the birth of hundreds of little life!
  • The pet is very interesting, put it on the computer side, the desk will not only add a lot of fun, but a big eye-catching the ball, off to friends and let them surprise of course.

    Main Feature:
  • Use tap water to clean the water tank first. Don't use any disinfectant, because any chemical may harmful to the sea dragons.
  • Pour tap water to the water tank and mix one pack'sea water crystal', stir the water until all crystals dissolved then wait for 12 hours.
  • After 24 hours, pour one full bag of eggs to salted water, stir and make sure no eggs stick on the water tank's wall.
  • After 24 hours, use measuring spoon to pour one cup of food into the water tank, no need to stir the food because they will sink downward to the bottom of the water (normally, eggs will hatch around 48 hours and need to get feed right after became sea dragons) .
  • After 48-72 hours, egg will hatch and become very tiny sea dragons, they swim up and down.

    Important Notice for the Growth of Sea Faires:
  • Temperature for the incubation must keep in room temperature over 26 degree celsius.
  • Do not need direct sunlight but sunlight or bright room light is enough. The best condition is put the water tank close to window area.
  • Don't move the water tank from one place to another place and don't try to or divide the sea faires from one water tank to two water tanks.
  • Must keep the water temperature or room temperature stable in the first two weeks, don't place water tank outside could weather or near air warmer.
  • The sea faires grow very slow in the first 7 days, but you will find them grow up everyday and in aroud the 10th day, they will grow over 10mm long in a month time (30 days) , some female brine shrimp also carry eggs and ready to give birth the next generation of sea faires.
  • Check the water tank every 5-6 days to see if enough food and feed the food by using measuring spoon, maximum 2 cups.
  • Check the water if evaporated, add tap water to original water line.

  • Dimension: 10.0*3.0*14.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.05 kg

    Package Content:
  • 1 x Nutrients (bag)
  • 1 x Faires eggs (bag)
  • 1 x Special feed (bag)
  • 1 x Oxygen beads (bag)