Magic Box Floating Match on Card Trick Conjuring Game

Magic Box Floating Match on Card Trick Conjuring Game

Product description:

  • Do you want to show off in front of TV?
  • You want a girlfriend or a crush on the person's parry her admiration for you it?
  • You want to be a party or parry the focus?
  • You want to know the mysteries of magic it?
  • Performing Magic: You can easily get to a party's performance, and we sell not only a prop, to be exact is a way. After you learn, even without the props, but also be comfortable with other props.
  • From then on, you will be all in the eyes of the spotlight.

  • Make your own magic now
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Show something before your friends and families
  • There are three cards in the box, one is fixed with 4 invisible lines, and the other two are common ones
  • Take the card with invisible lines in hand face downward, put the match stick on the card, press both two ends of the card and make it in concave shape, the match stick descends slowly
  • When the stick floats and stays in the air, take another card to penetrate under it, which shows nothing is supporting the stick
  • To get the perfect effect, press and loose the card slowly, finally blow the match away and the performance is over
  • Hurry to get one back home and enjoy the interest

  • size: 9.5*3.5*14.0 cm
  • weight: 0.1 kg

    Package Content:
  • 1 x Magic Air Floating