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Magic Stage Prop - The Dynamic Coins

Magic Stage Prop - The Dynamic Coins
  • Magic Stage Prop - The Dynamic Coins
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  • Do you want to show off in front of TV?
  • You want a girlfriend or a crush on the person's parry her admiration for you it?
  • You want to be a party or parry the focus?
  • You want to know the mysteries of magic it?
  • Performing Magic: You can easily get to a party's performance, and we sell not only a prop, to be exact is a way. After you learn, even without the props, but also be comfortable with other props.
  • From then on, you will be all in the eyes of the spotlight.

  • Magic trick prop - the dynamic coins
  • So simple that everyone can master
  • Comes into one handkerchief, a box, a bag and four rubber bands
  • Ideal for playing for fun in parties or in interactive activities etc.
  • Can also be great prop for serious magicians
  • Learn to do this trick and makes others eyes popped out
  • Do easy magic tricks with this prop

    Magic Act Effect:
  • Put a coin into a box and pack the box with a handkerchief. The coin can come out from the handkerchief automatically

  • size: 9.5*3.5*14.0 cm
  • weight: 0.1 kg

    Package Content:
  • 1 x Handkerchief
  • 1 x Box
  • 4 x Rubber Band
  • 1 x User Manual