Beautiful Plastic Laser Gyro with Music Great Toy for Kids

Beautiful Plastic Laser Gyro with Music Great Toy for Kids

Product description:

    Main Feature:
  • Using the gyro spin twice in spring, and then pressing the winding, spinning in earth's rotation and send cheerful music, top body of the lantern will not stop changing, the sound is also good to listen to.
  • Will light up as long as the rotation, do not whip can also be transferred. (stop light off automatically) can also be constantly changing light, adults and children are very fond of the game, a lot of fun!
  • Music accompanied by sparkling spinning top, an increase of entertainment. It can make children exercise the mind, enhance motor coordination; adults back to childhood, but also to enjoy the childhood feelings
  • Usage: gyro transmitter clockwise three times, click on the rapid rotation, issued a colorful light, very beautiful.
  • Note: The gyro built 3 7 cells. After the battery is exhausted can unscrew with a small screwdriver tool to the top of the screw top, remove the battery holder can replace the battery for a good recovery

  • Package Weight: 0.15 kg
  • Package Size: 12*7*7cm

  • 1 x Gyro
  • 1 x Gyro spin