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HID Xenon Lamp (HID H4 Hi\Lo) (Black)

HID Xenon Lamp (HID H4 Hi\Lo) (Black)
  • HID Xenon Lamp (HID H4 Hi\Lo) (Black)
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  • Bulb approved by accurate focus test: Beam shape is the same as the original one, preventing glare when cars meet.
  • Bulb base made of GE silicone from USA: Shockproof, heat-resistant, no rupture even against heavy impact.
  • Bulb anti-UV pure quartz bulb: High rigidity, great light penetrability, heat and cold resistant, no implosion.
  • Bulb innovative buld design: Preventing short circuit caused by touching the tip. Easy installation.
  • Bulb professional ceramic rod: Professional ceramic rod made in Germany, noleaking or implosion. Easy startup no matter at high or low voltage profiting from the short distance between tube and rod.
  • Working temperature will not go up with longer lighting time. Even after2~8hours of lighting, it can still keep under 75℃,which complies with the international standard.

Package Details
Weight: 578.87 g
Size: 25.5*11.8*6.5 cm
Package Includes
2 * HID Xenon Lamp
1 * Cable