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H11-3500 50W Xenon Light Projector Headlight

H11-3500 50W Xenon Light Projector Headlight
  • H11-3500 50W Xenon Light Projector Headlight
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  • Beam shape is the same as the original one, preventing glare when cars meet.
  • Shockproof, heat-resistant, no rupture even against heavy impact.
  • High rigidity, great light penetrability, heat and cold resistant, no implosion.
  • Preventing short circuit caused by touching the tip. Easy installation.
  • Professional ceramic rod made in Germany, noleaking or implosion. Easy startup no matter at high or low voltage profiting from the short distance between tube and rod.
  • Ballast wide acceptable range of input voltage from 9~32V, applicable for almost all the auto, subject to specific model.
  • Super capacity, can digitally parse and memorize different voltage and unstable electric current information, prevent interference fromother eiectronics, convert and stadilize the voltage after disposed by the ballast without interference to other electronics, which will bring a guaranteed performance and life-span of HID lamp.
  • lnsulative and never desquamates, on interference to the startup of air-condition, audlo and other electronic equipment on the auto.
  • Work well even under the normal high temperature in the engine room, which can lessen the chance of malfunction caused by over heat.
  • Constant temperature protection: Working temperature will not go up with longer lighting time. Even after 2~8hours of lighting, it can still keep under 75℃, which complies with the international standard.

Package Details
Weight: 1379.23 g
Size: 32*22*7 cm
Package Includes
1 * H11-3500 50W Xenon Light Projector Headlight
1 * Screws
1 * Stand
1 * Set of Accessories