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1000Watts Car Power Inverter DC\AC (Silver)

1000Watts Car Power Inverter DC\AC (Silver)
  • 1000Watts Car Power Inverter DC\AC (Silver)
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  • Output voltage: 220VAC 50Hz with 2Hz more or less.
  • Output waveform: modified sine wave.
  • Input voltage range: 10-15VDC.
  • Fuse: 10A/ 15A/ 20A/ 30A/ 40A/ 70A/ 100A/ 140A.
  • Low battery alarm (normal) : 10.4-11V.
  • Low battery shutdown point (normal) : 9.7-10.3V.
  • High battery shutdown point (normal) : 14.5-15.5V.
  • Battery drain with no AC load (at 12V input) : ( 0.3A.
  • Peak efficiency: ) 90%.
  • Continuous AC output power: 145W/ 200W/ 240W/ 400W/ 640W/ 800W.
  • 30-minute AC output power: 80W/ 100W/ 120W/ 150W/ 180W/ 250W/ 300W/ 500W/ 800W/ 1000W.
  • Maximum AC output power: 160W/ 200W/ 240W/ 300W/ 360W/ 500W/ 600W/ 1000W/ 1600W/ 2000S.
  • Provide 1000 watts of AC power and 2000 watts surge power.
  • Audio alarm warns of low battery level prior to auto shut down.
  • Safely shuts down if over temperature or overload condition.
  • Operate a 25 TV for about 5 hours from a typical car battery.
  • Operate home or office electrical products from a vehicle or a boat.
  • Supply 1000 watts of AC power from a 12-volt outlet or battery.
Package Details
Weight: 1072.14 g
Size: 23.5*22.5*5.5 cm
Package Includes
1 * Car Power Inverter
1 * Plug Converter
2 * Connecting Cable
1 * User Manual