KOB brand | Access Control Host ID IC card 485, IP communications | Attendance access one machine

KOB brand | Access Control Host ID IC card 485, IP communications | Attendance access one machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance brand: KOB
  • Model: KT-K901
  • Attendance Type: proximity card (IC / ID / RF card) type
  • Color Classification: ID card, U disk +485 (communication) IC card, U disk +485 (communication) ID card, U disk + 485 + IP (communications) IC card, U disk + 485 + IP (communications)
  • Access authentication method: credit card
  • Service: shop three packs

product description

KT-K901KOB is the launch of a Color screen interactive design Attendance access control, access control as a professional service provider, KOB has been committed to providing customers with professional services; this set of systems based on industrial grade ARM hardware platform; supports 20000 card users all customer perspective , and support T9 input method and personnel management functions, comes with U disk to download, and tcp / ip or 485, stand-alone or networked to adapt to the needs of work, more convenient and more efficient staff management for your enterprise.

Special Features

① any time period, group access control

② support WG26, can access the read head to achieve both inside and outside card

③ tamper alarm

④ color screen, support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English language, etc.

Suitable places

Apply to banks, hotels, rooms, armory, confidential room, office, the intelligence community, factories and so on.

Tips: When using the U disk upload and download attendance record, we recommend the use of 8G U disk upload and download records, do not use 16G U disk operation!

Performance parameters

Operating voltage: DC 12V
Access voltage : 220V AC
Unlock current: ≤1000mA
Quiescent Current: ≤60mA
Ambient temperature: 0 ° C-60 ° C
Relative Humidity: 20% -80%
Card Capacity: 20,000 cards
RF Card Type: ID card (EM card), IC card (Philips chip)

Product Weight: 0.5kg