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Logitech Wireless Mouse Keyboard Receiver M215M280M545M546M720K375SK780

Logitech Wireless Mouse Keyboard Receiver M215M280M545M546M720K375SK780
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Logitech / Logitech Courier
  • Brand: Logitech / Logitech
  • Logitech wireless model: excellent receiver
  • Package Type: Official Standard
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Color classification: the new version of the excellent single-channel single-channel receiver excellent combination of the new version of the excellent receiver pico 3mm excellent receiver (M545 original) NANO single-channel receiver NANO mouse and keyboard receiver
  • Wireless technology: 2.4GHz
  • Work: Photoelectricity
  • Whether to support ergonomics: do not support
  • Condition: New
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Whether boxed genuine: No

Code software download address:Http://www.logitech.com.cn/zh-cn/support/wireless-combo-mk260?

Code software download address: Http://www.logitech.com/zh-cn/494/6254?section=downloads&hub=1&WT.ac=os|6127||unifying_download&osid=14&bit=32

common problem:

How do I recognize if my mouse supports this feature?

answer: The mouse that supports this function will be marked with the top of the mouse at the bottom of the mouse, as shown in the figure above for the orange 'Little Sun' icon.

What do I need to do after receiving the receiver?

After the receipt of the receiver to buy, you need to download the software to the Logitee official website, the address (the day the cat network does not support the outside chain, so please copy the link, paste to the browser address bar): http: //www.logitech. Com.cn/en/349/6127

According to a different system to download. System support: WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA, WINDOWS 7 and Apple's Macintosh OS X.

3. How to use it?

answer: The operation method is very simple, insert the excellent receiver to the computer's USB interface → open the excellent software → through the keyboard or other mouse click on the 'next step' → follow the software prompts to close and then turn on the product power switch → software to start to identify → identify the successful choice of 'already used' → click 'Finish' to.

4. For the computer also need to re-use this software once again?

answer: Do not need, once the success of the computer on behalf of the receiver and the mouse has been successful on the code, even if it is for the computer, re-installed system do not need to re-Union.

Logitech technology can be said to be a global comparison Early discovered one-stop wireless solution, the Logitech Courier is a plug-and-play Nano wireless receiver that can always be plugged into a laptop's USB port, and a receiver can easily connect up to six Compatible wireless mouse; keyboard and other computer peripherals products. Users do not need to pull out the receiver when going out, so do not have to worry about the receiver is lost. Since last year launched by the majority of users by the warm welcome.

You can easily add free wireless mouse to the same receiver; keyboard peripherals and other computer peripherals. Your wireless computer peripherals. You can easily add to the same receiver to add a compatible wireless mouse; You can always listen to your call.

The receiver is a plug-and-play Nano wireless receiver that can always be plugged into a laptop's USB port, a receiver can easily connect up to six compatible wireless mouse; keyboard and other computer peripheral products. There is no need to unplug the receiver when it is out, so there is no need to worry about the loss of the receiver.

Small body, big ability
What makes Logitech? Excellent receiver better
Our ultra-portable design of the excellent receiver can help notebook users in a relaxed, convenient, organized way to connect all the wireless mouse on the computer; keyboard or other compatible computer peripherals products.

You do not have to worry about preventing the loss of the receiver, because you can forget it when you plug it into the computer once, and you can freely call your compatible wireless mouse and keyboard whenever and wherever you are.

Its ultra - portable design avoids the complicated plug - in receiver, which can be forgotten by inserting it into your laptop at once.
. With Logitech® advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology, connectivity is more powerful and more reliable
. It can help you connect up to six compatible mouse, keyboard and other computer peripherals on a receiver
The Logitech receiver makes it truly simpler to connect additional mouse or keyboard connections

As long as you have the Logitech technology, just a 'plug and play' type of excellent receiver, you can always put yourself in the 'Stand By' state, so that your laptop around the wireless mouse, wireless keyboard , Wireless calculator and other products Qi battle, with your heart attack, unstoppable.When you at home, office and travel and other occasions through the time, you can use a good receiver can be a machine in hand, play Turn the world, you will find that this is the efficiency, which is self-confidence life.

Excellent performance
The laptop is no longer a 'road warrior' of the Royal. Learn why the excellent receiver and compatible mouse and keyboard can bring the ideal wireless solution for your work

(The black font indicates that the model itself is the best-in-the-line NANO receiver; the red font indicates that the model itself is not a self-matching AOO receiver, but it supports this feature. Prior to 2010, the individual models were older, Does not support this feature)

If the receiver does not recognize the mouse on the computer, the keyboard situation, please do not worry!

First turn off your computer's firewall, antivirus software and then try. If you can not solve, please contact the online customer service, professional customer service guide you to complete the match, to ensure that you can use the equipment.