Slim Foldable Polyurethane Smart Cover for iPad 2 (Gray)

Slim Foldable Polyurethane Smart Cover for iPad 2 (Gray)

Product description:

A wonderful case and foldable stand with flexible positioning for your iPad 2.

A fantastic case being able to put your iPad 2 into sleep and wake up when you need to use it to be energy-saving.

General Specs
Material Polyurethane
Color Gray
Compatibility iPad 2
Thin and minimal design: this slim yet sturdy cover protects your screen without covering up its durable aluminum back
Magnetic connection: an aluminum hinge magnetically aligns the cover with iPad 2 for a perfect fit
Wake on open and sleep on close: open the cover and iPad 2 magically wakes up; close it and iPad 2 automatically goes to sleep
Keyboard stand: fold it back to tilt iPad 2 into a comfortable writing position
Face Time and movie stand: fold the cover and it becomes a perfect Face Time and movie watching stand
Polyurethane design: the microfiber interior lining makes it work like a screen cleaner

Package Details
Weight: 155.15 g
Size: 34*25*1 cm
Package Includes
1 * Case