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LED Ceiling Lights | European Bedroom Warm Living Room Restaurant Study Kids Room Balcony Ventilation Aisle Resin Lights

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Product parameters:

  • Ceiling Lamp Type: Glass Ceiling Light
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Lamp cover material: glass
  • Light body auxiliary material: alloy
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Number of accessories: 10
  • Brand: VILO CD music
  • Model: XD-3002
  • Packing volume: 0.02
  • Gross weight: 3
  • Light main material: resin
  • Color classification: roses trumpet 36CM with LED three-color 12W rose medium 40CM with LED three-color 18W rose large 51CM with LED three-color rose medium 40CM with LED white light 18W rose 60CM with LED three-color Rose large size 60CM with LED yellow light rose small 36CM with LED yellow 12W rose small 36CM with LED white 12W rose large 51CM with LED white rose in the 40CM with LED yellow 18W rose large 60CM with LED white rose large 51CM with LED yellow rose flower medium 40CM with LED three-color 18W rose large 50CM with LED three-color gold special small 18 * 8CM monochrome LED white light 6W each ID shot a Multi-shot do not send silver special small 18 * 8CM monochrome LED white light 6W each ID limit shot more than one shot
  • Lampshade Main Material: Glass
  • Light source type: LED
  • Process: electroplating
  • Number of light sources: 1 2 3 3 20 and above
  • Irradiation area: 10㎡-15㎡
  • Whether the lamp with light: with light
  • Voltage: 111V ~ 240V (including)
  • Power: 21W (inclusive) -30W (inclusive)
  • Applicable space: Living room Dining room Kitchen study Bedroom bathroom Other / other balcony Sitting corner Kitchen and toilet light Conference room Small living room
  • Style: European style
  • Shade shape: round

1. On the product: This handicraft lamp, the mold is the resin slurry down model, after the manual modification, electroplating, drops of crystal glitter, repair, etc., many processes, more complex, each will have different degrees of small Flaws, can not be very perfect, Installed after the see is not, does not affect the decorative effect, with a romantic Pastoral art style, like oil painting, the distance gives a sense of heavy, three-dimensional, near to see a rough sense of a taste of the lamp, like a taste of oil painting, to beautify our living space , Can reflect the owner of the artistic taste of elegance, giving a kind of extraordinary feeling of calm and quiet to appreciate, you can understand the mood, I believe you will be more and more like, hope that our products can bring to your family Detail and joy!

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