Spiral wound flange gasket

Spiral wound flange gasket

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Spiral wound flange gasket :

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Metal spiral wound gasket High quality SUS304, SUS316 ('V' shape or 'W' shaped) metal band and other alloy materials and graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos and other soft materials are alternately overlapping spiral wound made at the start and end with a point weld metal with a fixed manner. metal spiral wound gasket for the semi-metallic gasket in the best resilient gasket, spiral wound gasket structure density can be based on different locking force requirements to produce, and to control the use of internal and external steel ring The maximum degree of compaction, less precision wound gasket contact surface of the flange sealing surface. metal spiral wound gasket is particularly suitable for uneven load, easy to relax bonding force, temperature and pressure changes, there is shock or vibration of the occasion . Spiral wound gasket The valve; pump; heat exchanger; tower; manhole; hand holes and other Flange Connection processing static sealing want the original.

Spiral wound flange gasket: with inner and outer ring, edging Spiral wound gasket , Divided in four basic forms; for tenon slot flange gasket; with inner ring; gasket for embedded convex surface of the flange; with inner ring; for a smooth welding flange type flat pad tablets; with inner and outer ring; for a smooth style welded flange gasket back good elasticity Metal spiral wound gasket Pressure piping system capable of thermal cycling and vibration automatically adjusted.

Pad on the flange design for ease of installation, according to the gasket aperture size, the peripheral welding on the spacer 2 to 8 positioning belt, so buckle positioned on the flange hole when installing the gasket to prevent displacement or loss , saving auxiliary materials and working hours are generally divided into the following types:. HG20610-2009 Ministry of Chemical System

HG20631-2009 Ministry of Chemical Inter-American System

GB / T4622.2-97 National standard

JB / T4719-92 machinery of the standard

JB / T90-94 Machinery of the standard

JB / T4705-2000 machinery of the standard spiral wound gasket

SH3407-96 petrochemical enterprises

ASME B16.20 American Standard German standard DIN

JIS B2404-1999 JIS TS-1998日标

British standard BS 3381-1999 spiral wound gasket

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