Composite pad

Composite pad

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Composite pad:

Kun Yongjia County of valve parts plant (

Non-metallic material: Asbestos rubber sheet, reinforced graphite, PTFE, etc., the external sheet metal with a specific process of composite gaskets, gasket cross-section according to the plane type and is usually divided into two kinds of ripples, it is the most traditional A composite gasket.

Resilience limited and subject to the requirements of the flange surface flatness and high tightening force in order to achieve good results can be combined into a 304 stainless steel asbestos gaskets, graphite gaskets stainless steel and other forms depending on the material.

Metal Gasket Material: tinplate; stainless steel 304 316; copper; aluminum and other

Filler metal gaskets: asbestos, flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos, ceramic fibers and the like.

Metal Gasket main purposes: autocratic suitable flange multi-level multi-level metal seal butterfly valve seals, and large diameter pressure vessel (such as heat exchangers, reactors, etc.) flange sealing of various media. medium and low voltage flange pumps, valves, pipes and all kinds of equipment, such as sealing

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