Flange gasket

Flange gasket

Product description:

Flange gasket Kun Yongjia County of valve parts plant (www.kundamfj.com)

Flange gasket : Spiral wound flange gasket , Tetrafluoroethylene flange gasket , Graphite flange gasket , Rubber flange gasket , Asbestos flange gasket , Metal flange gasket .

Metal spiral wound gasket kind of:

(A) the basic type spiral wound gasket (B) with outer ring spiral wound gasket (C) with inner ring spiral wound gasket

(Iv) with inner and outer ring spiral wound gasket. (E) of the heat exchanger (ribbed) and (6) shaped spiral wound gasket

For tenon slot flange gasket; with inner ring; for embedded convex surface flange gasket; with inner ring; for a smooth Flat welding flange gasket; with inner and outer ring; for smooth style welded flange gasket back to good elasticity of the metal spiral wound gasket pressure piping system capable of thermal cycling and vibration automatically adjusted.

Graphite Gasket

No wrapping; inner wrapping; outsourcing edge; inner and outer edge of the basic type; tooth plate reinforced; tablet enhanced; network enhanced temperature: -200 ℃ - + 850 ℃; pressure: 0-40MPa; Chemical resistance: PH value 0 -14 high-strength graphite gaskets from pure graphite sheet or metal (punching tooth plate; flat; net) reinforced graphite plate cutting or stamping, with many excellent sealing performance.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

PTFE flange gasket, PTFE ball seats, PTFE packing. V-ring packing, PTFE gasket, PTFE pushing tubes, etc., the temperature of -20 ~ 250 ℃ (-4 ~ + 482 ° F), allowing cold and heat, or alternating hot and cold operation.

Pressure -0.1 ~ 6.4Mpa (full vacuum to 64kgf / cm2) (Full vacuum to 64kgf / cm2

Metal jacketed gaskets

Non-metallic material: PTFE flexible graphite, asbestos rubber sheet, reinforced graphite, etc., the external metal sheet coated with a particular type of gasket, usually divided by a cross-sectional plane of the gasket-type cladding and corrugated-type cladding two kinds , it is the most traditional kind of coated gasket.

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