Supply of three battery toothbrush

Supply of three battery toothbrush

Product description:

Model : GD-6001

Our company is the leader in China toothbrush factory, we produce three sides 3 sides toothbrush toothbrush wholesale business, toothbrush market throughout China, Europe, Asia, Australia and other 3 sides have their own toothbrush patent number :.. ZL 01260728.2 and ZL 01260729.0 can be OEM or our own brand toothbrushes; CAREME sales categories are 1.3 face adult toothbrush (3 sides adult toothbrush);. 2.3 face child toothbrush (children's tooth brushes); 3. 3 surface charge toothbrush (3-sided rechargealbe toothbrush);

Our company has long provided ( Supply of three battery toothbrush ), Low prices, if you are on our ( Supply of three battery toothbrush ) Are interested; please feel free to call the bottom; clicking a message or QQ chat with me; Contact me; please say is seen in China on suppliers; Thank you!

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