Stylish new electric toothbrush

Stylish new electric toothbrush

Product description:

Bristle surface design, while three sides clean teeth, gums and teeth ditch, clean teeth do not stay dead; the bristles and the tooth surface is automatically formed a 45-degree angle, and other effects to achieve strong detergency comprehensive global respected each Dental Association 'shellfish. s brushing method 'requirements; UL TEALON bristle material, soft and toughness, both effective teeth cleaning does not damage the teeth and gums; teeth unique massage effect, can effectively massage the gums, periodontal improve blood circulation, strong teeth and prevent gum atrophic brush with a unique tongue scraper to effectively keep the mouth fresh and U.S. Patent No.:. US 5171066 Chinese Patent Number: ZL 01260728.2 ZL 01260729.0

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