Oral care three sides soft bristle toothbrush manual toothbrush SD-CR01

Oral care three sides soft bristle toothbrush manual toothbrush SD-CR01

Product description:

Adjust the softness of the bristles with the temperature: warm water: soft; cold water: moderate; ice water: slightly harder.
Because China has more than 95% of people with periodontal disease, the gums will feel more sensitive, warm water and soak the bristles are very soft, brush up feeling very comfortable, so accustomed to the use of 2 to 5 times, the hard and soft bristles degree on with your preferences to decide. Dental experts strongly built first-time users, soak in warm water (about 40 ℃) before use!
First there may be slight bleeding gums users, is due to the long-term without cleaning the inside of the gums, the use of this situation will disappear after a few times, without having to worry about damage to the gums.

(Three brush design)
While three sides clean teeth. Gingival sulcus and teeth, clean teeth, do not stay dead.
(A unique 45-degree brush angle design)
Bristles and the tooth surface is automatically formed a 45-degree angle, consistent with 'Bayesian brushing method' principle, deeply and effectively clean the gingival sulcus teeth.
(Patented super-soft long bristles material)
Patent ultra soft dragon) bristles produced through special technology made; middle hard bristles; surface softer than ordinary nylon bristles soft 225%
(A molding technology)
Bristles using a molding technique, breaking the traditional whole bundle tufting style nylon toothbrush, make mold, bacteria have nowhere to hide, to ensure hygiene.
('V' type elastic stent design)
V 'type elastic stent design, with the tooth width automatically adjust the angle of the bristles, take good care of each tooth, even if some or Correction molar teeth can be completely cleaned.
(Tongue scraping edge Design)

Scraping the tongue brush on the edge designed to remove the tongue and remove the odor.
(Unique massage the gums)
It is a natural massage, massage gums. Periodontal improve blood circulation, strong teeth and prevent gum recession.
(Effectively reduce gingivitis and other oral diseases)
Efficient teeth cleaning effect and massage the gums, the long-term use will greatly reduce the incidence of oral disease.

New toothbrush soaked in warm water about ten minutes; beginners may have slight bleeding gums; gums is due to the prolonged absence of the inside clean; use this case will disappear after a few; no need to worry about damage to the gums!

According to 'Tony's brushing method' principle design innovation in the 21st century scaler tool would bring a new 'oral hygiene revolution'. It can simultaneously inside and outside the side thoroughly clean the teeth, the teeth, periodontal and gingival sulcus, effective removal of tooth plaque, tartar, making teeth cleaning and prevention of periodontitis achieve perfection.