Air mouse and keyboard Q7

Air mouse and keyboard Q7

Product description:

Product advantages:

1, the original double-sided design for different users (A side: Easy Shortcuts to complete all actions fool of operation for the user; B side: full keyboard panel, suitable for professional operation of the user)

2; the first clamshell-style keyboard design; ergonomic operating experience

3; IR remote control; mouse; keyboard; microphone; somatosensory game Observing the full-function design

4; six-axis positioning; precise operation

5360 ° omni-directional sensor

6; full keyboard design; everybody familiar operating experience

7; full keyboard backlight design; for night operation

8, gravity sensor off, the panel automatically shut down, can prevent misuse.

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Technical Parameters:

(Air Mouse)

Keyboard: Wireless keyboard
Resolution: Equivalent 800DPI
Accuracy: continuous single-pixel positioning
Frame rate: 160HZ
Induction angle: 360 ° all-round induction


Sampling rate: 16KHZ
Effective distance: more than 8M
Induction angle: 360 ° omni-directional

(Wireless connection)

Connection: 2.4G wireless connection
Effective use of distance: more than 8m
Hopping: using intelligent frequency hopping technology to avoid interference wireless environment;
Of the code: the code can be arbitrarily repeated, and can automatically save
Infrared remote control: Support infrared switch, make sure that low-power operation of the controlled device

(power supply)

Built-in lithium battery and charging management of protected 500maH
Automatic sleep, is not connected to the USB receiver SS dormant, link status after 20 seconds into hibernation, play long standby purposes.


Flip locks automatically when the keyboard facing up, the other side of the button automatically locks the screen, in order to avoid user errors.
The code can be arbitrarily repeated code and saved automatically.

All functions

1, the gyroscope control system, can achieve somatosensory move the cursor, move the cursor manually ie.

2, both sides have the mouse button, you can accomplish the same action, like a fool of user operation can be realized only with the A side product of all the features.

3, full keyboard design, you can complete the entire operation of all computers.

4, built-in microphone, enabling mobile two-way voice communication.

5, built-in gravity sensor, playable somatosensory game.

6, built-in infrared power switch, may correspond to the player's remote control switch.