Metal detectors | weld flaw | Steel non-destructive flaw

Metal detectors | weld flaw | Steel non-destructive flaw

Product description:

Metal detectors, pressure vessels flaw.

The advantages of high sensitivity with high detection speed, low cost, easy to operate, detect thickness, harmless to humans and the environment, especially for cracks, not fusion and other dangerous defect detection sensitivity, fast, portable, non-invasive, accurate a variety of defects within the workpiece detection, location, evaluate the diagnostic.

Technical Parameters:

Frequency range: 0.4-20MHZ

Gain Range: 0-120dB, step

Dynamic Range: 32dB

Vertical linear: (2.5%

Horizontal linear: (0.1%

Scan range: 0-8000mm

Resolution:) 45dB

Sensitivity margin:) 62dB (deep 200mmΦ2 flat bottom hole)

Attenuator Accuracy: (± 1dB / 12dB

Operating mode: single probe; duals; penetration probe

Pulse generator: Variable pulse generator

Damping: 50/100/400 Europe automatically match

Digital inhibition: 0-99% linear inhibition, does not affect the linearity and gain

Gates: into the wave door; lost wave gate; single gate reading; double gate reading
Alarm: beep alarm, LED light alarm
Display Ambient temperature: -20-50 ° C

Relative humidity: (20 ~ 95)% RH
Charger: 220-240V AC input

Operating voltage: 7.4V ± 0.3V

Size: 250 * 150 * 38mm

Weight: 1.28KG

Standard configuration:

Host 1

Probe 2 (Straight probe, Oblique probe each one)

Probe line

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