Half shaft crank flaw detector | Steel rod detector | Welding Tester

Half shaft crank flaw detector | Steel rod detector | Welding Tester

Product description:

Half shaft crank flaw detector | Steel rod detector | Weld inspection apparatus widely used in chemical industry, shipbuilding, power, aviation, machinery, automobile, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, pressure vessels and other departments of flaw detection.

Fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine of this series is designed to check a variety of irregularly shaped ferromagnetic parts (for example: crankshaft and camshaft of torsion bar spring; link; knuckle; ball head pin bolt castings, etc) in the course of processing (such as heat treatment; forging; tiredness; grinding) or crack on the surface of material, slag and impurities caused by minor defects. Flaw detector can be single piece, bulk detection, can also be used on the production line.

Main functions and features:

1. current control are made of modular design, high reliability, maintenance easier; 2. the Visual interface, magnetic parameter modifications can easily, without having to modify the program in the background; 3. digital parameter display, observe more intuitive; 4. the choice of multiple control modes, user-friendly options.

Main configurations:

The host system, magnetic power, PLC control system of magnetic suspending liquid spray systems, clamping system, a UV light source system, demagnetization, system, etc. Control can be manual, automatic. Magnetic susceptibility (depending on the workpiece) to DC, AC, AC/DC combo. Technical parameters: circumferential magnetization current (a): 1000; 2000; 3000; 5000; 6000; 10000 longitudinal magnetization ampere (AT): 8000; 10000; 12000; 16000; 20000; 24000 clamping distance (mm): 0~500 clamping mode: electric or pneumatic power (KVA): 22; 30; 38; 50; 80; 120 demagnetization (machine demagnetization)

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