Taizhou wholesale frozen packets oil Yang Yao | morel | lamb | sheep foot

Taizhou wholesale frozen packets oil Yang Yao | morel | lamb | sheep foot

Product description:

Zhejiang wholesale import of frozen sheep groceries: leg of lamb, lamb chops (raw meat, cooked lamb), mutton tablets; mutton cylinder; sheep meat package; Yangdu; sheep brain; Gigot; mutton kidney; tail sheep; sheep placenta All sheep products division:
Frozen sheep whip top import 34,600 yuan / ton
Frozen sheep neck top import 12,300 yuan / ton
Package frozen mutton kidney top import 33,000 yuan oil / ton
Frozen sheep Ligament top import 15,000 yuan / ton
Stick around freezing sheep's top import 18,800 yuan / ton
Frozen morel top imported 19,000 yuan / ton
Frozen mutton roll top import 18,800 yuan / ton
Frozen lamb shoulder piece top import 18,000 yuan / ton
Top imports of frozen sheep egg 31,200 yuan / ton
Yang Shen's top import 27,200 yuan frozen / ton
Frozen sheep foot top import 11,800 yuan / ton
Frozen mutton top imported 18,200 yuan / ton
Frozen Sheep top import 26,000 yuan / ton
Top imported frozen lamb chops 19,000 yuan / ton
Top frozen leg of lamb imported 16,500 yuan / ton
Frozen whole sheep's top import 17,800 yuan / ton
Frozen lamb loin top import 16,000 yuan / ton
Frozen sheep carcasses top import 9500 yuan / ton
Frozen sheep vertebra top import 13,500 yuan / ton
Frozen sheep placenta top import 6800 yuan / ton;
New Zealand sheep sternum top import 11,000 yuan / ton;
Uruguay belly sheep skin top import 13,800 yuan / ton;
New Zealand Yang Xiezai top import 12,800 yuan / ton;
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