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Supply Beijing metal scandium

Supply Beijing metal scandium
  • Supply Beijing metal scandium
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The company supplies rare earth metal scandium, scandium aluminum, aluminum alloy scandium oxide, scandium quality assurance, welcome to negotiate business consulting 18933289429 http:. //hekui.cn.gongchang.com/ Huizhou City Tuopu Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

( English name ) Scandium-Metal ( abbreviated Sc-Metal)

( Purity ): Sc / TREM: 99.99% TREM: 99.95%
( Production process ) : Vacuum Distillation
( Raw materials ) : High purity scandium oxide and calcium metal
( Uses ) : Mainly used for high power metal halide ( Scandium sodium ), Solar batteries, high-energy radiation with nuclear shield (γ -ray source ) and special alloys ( such as scandium aluminum, etc. ), but also for scientific experiments .
(Physical characteristics) : metal scandium block was silver- white metallic luster, soft ;