Supply of dysprosium target | Huizhou dysprosium target manufacturers

Supply of dysprosium target | Huizhou dysprosium target manufacturers

Product description:

The company supplies rare earth metal dysprosium target, target price dysprosium, dysprosium Huizhou target manufacturers, quality assurance, welcomed the talks. Huizhou City Tuopu Metal Materials Co., Ltd. 18933289429 Ho

The company's products:

1, elemental target: boron target, a carbon target, magnesium target, Al target, Si target, scandium target and a titanium target, vanadium target, Cr target, Mn target, Fe target, cobalt target, nickel target, copper target, zinc target, target gallium, germanium target, selenium target, target yttrium, zirconium target, niobium target, mammography, ruthenium target, target rhodium, palladium target silver target, target cadmium, indium target, target, tin, antimony target, tellurium target, hafnium target , tantalum target, tungsten target, target rhenium, osmium target, target iridium, platinum target, gold target, target lead, bismuth target, target lanthanum, cerium target, target praseodymium, neodymium target, target samarium, europium target, target, gadolinium, terbium target, target dysprosium, holmium target, target erbium, thulium target, target, ytterbium, lutetium target.
2, ceramic target: zinc oxide target, aluminum oxide zinc aluminum target, target aluminum, antimony oxide target, antimony-doped tin oxide target, target barium titanate, strontium titanate, target, target, barium strontium titanate, iron acid lutetium target, praseodymium titanate target, target lead titanate, lead zirconate target, zirconium, strontium target, target lithium niobate, bismuth oxide target, target gallium oxide, germanium oxide target, target, hafnium oxide, indium oxide target, indium tin oxide target, MgO target, target molybdenum oxide, copper target, target chromia, iron oxide target, tellurium oxide target, a silicon oxide target, tantalum oxide target, target titanium oxide, tin oxide target, target tungsten oxide, vanadium oxide target, ceria target, target dysprosium, erbium oxide target, target gadolinium, holmium oxide target, a target of lanthanum oxide, lutetium oxide target, target, neodymium oxide, praseodymium oxide target, target, samarium oxide, scandium oxide target, target terbium oxide, thulium oxide target, target ytterbium oxide, yttrium oxide target, a target of chromium boride, lanthanum boride target, titanium diboride, zirconium boride target, four boron carbide target, a silicon carbide ceramic target, a target of titanium carbide, tungsten carbide target, aluminum nitride target , boron nitride target, a target of silicon nitride, titanium nitride target, target cadmium telluride, lead telluride target, target zinc telluride, bismuth selenide target, target indium selenide, zinc selenide target.
3, alloy target: zinc aluminum target, aluminum copper target, aluminum-magnesium target, Al-Si target, aluminum silver target, cobalt iron alloy target, a target of cobalt-iron-boron, copper, cobalt target, copper-nickel target, target zirconium copper, iron and boron target, iron-carbon target, target ferromanganese, manganese iridium target, target iridium rhenium, indium tin target, nickel target aluminum, nickel chromium target, Ni-Cr-Si target, target ferronickel, nickel titanium target, nickel vanadium target, target samarium cobalt, silver copper target, target silver tin, tantalum aluminum target, target terbium iron, titanium, aluminum target, target nickel titanium, titanium chromium target, target tungsten rhenium, tungsten, titanium target, aluminum zirconium target, target zirconium titanium, zirconium and yttrium target, zinc, magnesium target , copper indium gallium selenide target, copper indium target, target copper indium gallium, antimony, indium target, target germanium tellurium, germanium antimony tellurium target.
Target can be customized according to customer requirements; reliable quality of our products; low price; welcome your call to discuss business!

Dy target, target price dysprosium, dysprosium Huizhou target manufacturers, quality assurance, welcomed the talks. Huizhou City Tuopu Metal Materials Co., Ltd. 18933289429 Ho