Supply Huizhou rare earth metals manufacturer

Supply Huizhou rare earth metals manufacturer

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Huizhou rare earth metal producers - Huizhou Top Metal Materials Co., Ltd. , Quality assurance, welcome to negotiate business consulting: 18933289429 Ho Main products: metal scandium scandium aluminum alloy sputtering targets of special metal alloys of rare earth metals, scandium oxide

Rare earth , Also known as rare earth elements, is the periodic table Ⅲ vice ethnic elements scandium, yttrium and the lanthanides total of 17 kinds of chemical elements collectively. Scandium and yttrium and lanthanides because often in symbiotic deposit, and has a similar chemical properties, it is considered rare earth elements.

Its name implies different rare earth elements (except promethium) abundance in the Earth's crust is very high, which ranked 25th cerium element abundance in the earth's crust, accounting for 0.0068% (copper close). However, due to their geochemical properties, rare earth Few elements enriched to the extent that can be mined economically. the name is derived from the rare earth elements of its lack of human first discovery of rare earth minerals are extracted from the mine in the Swedish village of Inuit than gadolinite Many rare earth element name being derived from this land.

Rare earth Has been widely used in various fields of traditional aspects of the defense industry, metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemicals, glass, ceramics, textiles, leather, farming and breeding, almost everywhere in social life, they magically hide something inside .

As modified to add a very small amount of rare earth elements are added in the steel and non-ferrous metal materials will be able to significantly improve performance, increase strength and wear resistance of steel and corrosion resistance capabilities. Rare earth