Supply Zhejiang titanium aluminum alloy target | Zhejiang titanium aluminum alloy target price

Supply Zhejiang titanium aluminum alloy target | Zhejiang titanium aluminum alloy target price

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The company supplies rare earth metals titanium aluminum alloy target Zhejiang Zhejiang titanium aluminum alloy target price, quality assurance, welcomed the talks. Huizhou rare earth rare earth elements because of its special electronic structure, so that their physical and chemical properties are very similar, so the it is difficult to separate them, the separated high-purity single harder general concept of high purity rare earth single rare earth is: that the rare earth purity 99.99% -99.999% (4N-5N), a purity of at least 99.9999% (6N), called ultra-high purity.

China's rare earth resources are very rich, but in the eighties, when high-purity rare earth and reagents used in our country to be imported, the price is very expensive. In the rare earth separation technology, foreign to our strictly confidential, and refused to transfer. Therefore Independent development and production of high-purity rare earth imperative, to improve China's rare earth products, and increase the added value of rare earth resources, has a positive practical significance.

Currently major industrialized rare earth separation by solvent extraction technology, which matures in the eighties, and is widely used rare earth separation industry, the application of the technology to produce this rare purity of 99.95% or less in general, individual elements (La; Ce; Y) can achieve 4N-5N, but to the production of other rare earth elements 4N-6N and extraction technology becomes insufficient, so the use of ion exchange technology will be able to show its advantages. Thus, extraction and ion exchange technology of rare earth separation, It is a complementary technology, extraction technology for large-scale (hundreds of tons) of rare earth group separation and ion exchange technology is applicable (several tons) of high purity rare earth in preparation for small-scale Huizhou rare earth

Since the rare earth elements have a very rich 4f electronic structure exhibits many optical, electrical, magnetic properties, electromagnetic light in the high-tech material, plays an irreplaceable role, 'treasure trove' of new materials known as the 21st century ., color TV phosphors currently widely used, Ni-H battery, high-performance magnetic materials, etc., are rare in the high-tech applications in the model and the application of high-purity rare earth luminescent materials are mainly concentrated in areas such as: fluorescent, luminescent , as well as electronic materials, high-tech field of giant magnetostrictive material powder, crystal materials, optical materials, optical glass, etc. in. With the rapid development of optoelectronic communications technology, the increasingly high demand for photovoltaic materials, especially for high purity rare earths The demand is also growing, development prospects are very bright.