Ganzhou scandium oxide - Prices - Manufacturers

Ganzhou scandium oxide - Prices - Manufacturers

Product description:

Ganzhou scandium oxide - Prices - Manufacturers The product has four broad categories: industrial purity metals and alloys; variety of high-purity metals and alloys; various metals and alloys sputtering targets; the part of rare earth functional materials products mainly include: metal scandium, yttrium, lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium, titanium, zirconium, hafnium, vanadium, niobium, tantalum, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, silver, gold, zinc, aluminum, indium, tin, and hafnium - iron, titanium - aluminum, yttrium - zirconium, nickel - titanium and titanium - zirconium, aluminum - silicon, aluminum - copper, tungsten - copper, aluminum - boron, aluminum - manganese, aluminum - magnesium, aluminum - zirconium, aluminum - Sc, Al - Nd, La - Ni, Ni - Cr, Ce - Al, Mg - Gd, Mg - scandium, magnesium - boron, zirconium - vanadium, gadolinium - titanium, cerium - zirconium - yttrium, gadolinium - iron - cobalt, gadolinium - titanium - zirconium, Tb - Fe - Co, Tb - Dy - Fe, Al - Y - Ni - Co, Al - Mg - silicon - molybdenum, aluminum - scandium - Ni - roll - zirconium alloys, and target of the metal and alloys, functional materials.

Ganzhou scandium oxide - Prices - Manufacturers The main means of production are: the preparation of metal halide, metal halide vacuum thermal reduction, molten salt electrolysis of metal oxides, metal vacuum distillation purification, electrophoresis zone melting metal vacuum purification, metal electrolytic refining purification, pollution-free vacuum melting of metals and alloys, metal and alloy vacuum hot forging, metal and alloy vacuum hot rolling, vacuum hot isostatic pressing, metal and alloy mechanical precision machining.

Ganzhou scandium oxide - Prices - Manufacturers The products with high purity, large size, high density, small alloy segregation characteristics of products sold in the United States, Europe, Israel, Japan, South Korea, nearly ten million US dollars annual output value of our company has completed a number of Guangdong Province, the State Science and Technology Torch Plan projects unit ', focusing on industrial research projects', I also by the National Science and Technology as 'national key high-tech enterprises', the company's annual R & D expenditure for new products accounted for 5% of our total product sales , it is a typical scientific and technological innovation, the development of enterprises.

Ganzhou scandium oxide - Prices - Manufacturers For high-tech specialty metals, alloys, functional materials and sputtering targets have special advantages, but also willing to further invest in this context, research and development efforts. Not only Chinese, do China's first 'is our eternal We firmly believe that the pursuit: to rely on technological progress evade competition, the courage to compete in more than just excellent!

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