Sold Anhui 850 colored steel tile machine, Jieshou 850 tile press price, water ripple tile press

Sold Anhui 850 colored steel tile machine, Jieshou 850 tile press price, water ripple tile press

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Sold Anhui 850 colored steel tile press; Jieshou 850 tile press price; water ripples tile press Tel; 13754477130850 Color tile press presale expeditiously Anhui 850 colored steel tile press; online QQ; 517065100 water ripples tile press contacts; Chaijin Juan

In recent years, the rise of new cement tile equipment, high steel tile equipment costs, life is short, no noise insulation, rust and other problems difficult to solve. For the many difficult problems exist in traditional building materials, the company access to large amounts domestic and international information, learn from foreign advanced technology, developed a new glaze pantile, lightweight composite wall panels. The new glazed tile wave devices are asbestos, cement tile, steel tile equipment replacement new product, particularly Southeast Asia and Africa for damp climate countries, there are many foreign investors to import large quantities of the product or build factories.
Cement tile equipment; steel tile equipment and new equipment are all glazed tile wave tile press equipment; its operation and precautions:
Hand put blanks, blanks take work program: Before the device, to check the connection is solid throughout, mounting bolts, whether tighten the nut around the chassis lubrication should add enough oil to power-up the machine test, first empty running closer look , with or without vibration, noise, oil window is to oil, whether coordinated movement of the components before you can install all the normal mold, mold installation, must be cut off, by hand moving belt or gear motor, so that the table translocation, and carriage rise to the highest point, the best thing is supported by a slide between the underside of the table and, with anti-skid seat natural fall, causing the accident. mold this unit needs an upper mold and six same size specifications the lower mold, die and be installed on a lower mold, the lower mold installed directly in the six-party table runner, mold mounted on the bottom surface of the carriage, and placed in the appropriate plate thickness, ensuring the upper and lower mold clamping, the four surrounding uniform gap between the upper and lower mold a distance equal to the thickness of the tiles you want. Then prevail over mold, table indexing, install the remaining five pay lower die, all installed after driving up and down mode can be pressure-watt automatic discharge , take the blank work program: Mold installation and commissioning with the host said, then turned on the air compressors, vacuum pumps, extruders, Mitreva machine, discharge machines, tile press, host and Salvatore conveyors, stop, stop extruder, and then the rest of the device is stopped.

Pressure plate model13-65-850 use
Effective covering width (mm) 850
Expand Width (mm) 1000 Roof, wall panels
Wave height (mm) 13
Wave distance (mm) 65

850 pressure-type equipment products with light weight, high strength, a major, and good shock resistance, is widely used in the field of multiple high-rise steel buildings.
Wavy tile press equipment includes: machine, PLC computer control system, special cutting equipment, professional color-coated steel pressure type hydraulic system equipment characteristics and uses: by the Company's steel tile roll forming equipment pressure plate, both dignified and elegant, and beautiful novel, and the appearance of smooth, corrugated uniform, high utilization, high strength, high degree of automation, low cost, durable products main pan for medium to large enterprises civil construction, such as factories, machines garages, aircraft libraries, stadiums galleries, theaters and the like.

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