Color tile press price Jilin selling Xinfeng 840 Color tile press Liaoning automatic tile press, tile press information

Color tile press price Jilin selling Xinfeng 840 Color tile press Liaoning automatic tile press, tile press information

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23-210-840 color plate tile press equipment technical parameters
This equipment includes: machine; PLC computer control system; special shear system; professional hydraulic system
1. Installation Dimensions: 6400mm * 1350mm * 1300mm
2, the electronic control system: The whole machine adopts industrial computer PLC control
3, the host power: 3kw Computer Cut Power: 3kw
4, the working speed: 8000mm / min
5, hydraulic pressure: 10-12MPa
6, the feed thickness: 0.25-0.8mm
7, the feed width: 1000mm
8, the effective coverage area: 840mm spacing: 210mm Depth: 23mm
9, power supply: 380V 50HZ
10, use: roof
11, service: one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
12. Installation: free installation

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Color tile press Equipment pressing the colored metal pressure plate Series - is the use of color-coated steel sheet by roll roll forming various waveforms pressure plate includes a color pressure plate, color curved steel plate, color plates waveform tile, color steel ceiling. board.
With the popularization and application of color-coated steel tile press, and now many large mining factories, warehouses, steel roof trusses and large equipment, are used in steel tile, or called color plate, color-coated steel or even glass-type device, so my architectural appearance of life, more colorful, beautiful, neat These tile press equipment through by pressing it. color steel tile press equipment enter through a variety of pressure rollers, pressed into a variety of plates, then After shearing, the sheet can be processed into proper use.
Color pressure plate device: for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, large span steel structure housing the maintenance of the structure and decoration so has a light weight, high strength, rich colors, long service life, maintenance-free, construction and convenient features.
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