K-BUS Switch Actuator (KNX)

K-BUS Switch Actuator (KNX)

Product description:

Technical Parameter:

Power Supply: By the Bus
Operating voltage: 21~30V DC
Operating Current: Max. 12 mA
Stand-by Power: Max. 360 mW
Output: 4ch / 8ch / 12ch
Rated Voltage Current: 250V AC ( 50/60 Hz ) 16A
Operating / Display: Green LED indicates proper device functioning.
Red LED & Push Button for physical address.
Temperature Range: Operation-5℃ ~ 45℃
Storage-25℃ ~ 55℃
Transport-25℃ ~70 ℃
Installation: on 35mm DIN rail.


Manual operation supported.
Scene control / preset via 8 bit/ 1 bit commands.
Logic operation of AND, OR, XOR, Gate function.
Forced control and Safety function.
Response to Threshold function.
Control of Electric Thermal Valve drivers.
Selection of preferable state after bus voltage failure.
Staircase lighting with warning and highly-adjustable staircase lighting time.
Switching delay.