Dongguan Avandia pool table

Dongguan Avandia pool table

Product description:

Professional Club billiard supplier, focusing on high quality British snooker, American pool tables, French hit, carving, and accessories for research and development, production, better quality of services, allowing you to take advantage of ... Club dedicated a pool table; Steel iron; Never deformation; Warranty lifetime

If top tables; Is the fundamental and key ball Fang Zhisheng; Then have a complete investment strategy; To help you smooth; Join Avandia billiards get soft; Hardware support and protect! for you to create chain-like management of the pool Empire; Easy to realize the dream of your shovel!

1, Pocket pros and cons:

Any brand tables, there are bags ball balls card, fly ball, ball, seriously affecting the competitive fairness and player emotions.

Deyja tables, original ' Pocket ball '' multi-angle multiple bags ' patented: the world's only strong filling bags at one corner;; Only bags that kept the ball in the world; Kaqiu; A fly ball; Spit balls; To enter into the bag of fluid; Comfortable and known industry

2, corner the pros and cons:

Any tables, corner loose collapsed, resulting in a fly ball, ball, so players upset mania, seriously affecting the playing fun.

Deyja tables, unique, corner mechanical design: airplane alloy as raw materials, only way to ensure that ' corner life is not loose. Under ' let golfers swing freely, the ball without false comfort comfortable.

3, the pros and cons:

Any brand tables, bang on bumpy, deformation, cracking serious, marble relief, inconsistent stretch of all parts, players simply unable to judge with severity, could not deliver on ball position, seriously affect the game play.

Deyja tables, high-tech State on the whole steel ': never deformation, cracking, spandex uniform of all parts, Pinball is not leaked, not hollow, wooden ring, provide a strong guarantee for the ball, let the ball go well, truly ' feel free to move the ball, ball, ' top of the POPs.

4, ball pros and cons:

Any brand tables, strip easy to aging, easily fly balls, stretch the various parts is inconsistent, the ball going in the opposite, non-standard controlled stretch, players don't fit, unable to control the ball, resulting in players repeatedly missed, losing heart.

Deyja tables, ball patents ': the original ' straight mosaic ' technology, the use of dedicated the game tape, accurate realization of the ball, players; Strategist, released from the heart '. Skills of its head.

5, stone pros and cons:

Many brand tables, stone material is poor, poor technology, flatness is poor, size is not standard, nudging the ball curves, causing abnormal error, was disappointed by players.

Deyja table, selection of game-specific stone, then secondary double-sided grinding and error control within 5, realized the industry's super smooth; To prevent the rig collapsed, resulting in deformation of stone, all the world's top ' wooden Derby ' tempered, ensure smooth forever, let the players play.

Develop strength, truly fair battle.

6, wood technology advantages and disadvantages:

Cheap pool table, wood does not go to the Israeli-Palestinian process, easy to shape wood is easy to absorb moisture, heat, cause serious bent, cracked, soft wood, resulting in loose structure, rough, seriously affect the performance and life of tables.

Deyja tables, the use of imported timber, to Palestinian control variant, steaming to remove grease, physical flattening bending resistant, high-voltage encryption blowout, and then after the world's top ' wooden Derby ' tempered, so tables ' wood volume change of steel ', will table dozens of times times more longevity and stability, so as to achieve quality assurance of lifelong quality.

7, paint pros and cons:

Any brand tables, painted iron, blow, caducous, drastically reduce the grade of the whole ball room.

Deyja table, a unique ' paint patents ': independent research and development of metal painting and adding elastic metal fiber, super strong adhesion, resistance, and hot resistance, scratch resistance, without worrying about the damaged table, beautiful and durable, beautiful and eternal.

8, table legs pros and cons:

Any brand tables, the legs of the table water, tide, perishables, cracking, reduces ball room level.

Deyja tables, an exclusive ' foot patent ': using high-tech materials, must fight against crack, and moisture, lift leveling legs, beautiful, durable, practical and perfect combination, ensure your table is always new.

9, technology advantages and disadvantages:

Any brand tables, are of a handmade, part standard form, components connected between the gap, loosening, deformation, tables have no standards at all, seriously affecting the sense of play, performance, appearance, is impossible to achieve the maintenance swaps.

Deyja table, developed a unique CNC Automation ' equipment, combined with the unique ' moisture-proof and heat insulation, seamless connectivity, anti-loose ' process to ensure any parts standards such as a table, exchange rate of 100%. Any parts problems can easily swap warranty to provide strong protection for life.