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Changping Avandia billiards table

Changping Avandia billiards table
  • Changping Avandia billiards table
  • Changping Avandia billiards table
  • Changping Avandia billiards table
  • Changping Avandia billiards table
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Professional Club billiard tables suppliers, focused high-quality British snooker, American pool table, French hit Taiwan, carving sets, and accessories development, production, better quality of service, allowing you to stay ahead ..

Club dedicated pool table; steel body steel frame; never deformation; lifetime warranty

If the class tables; the key is to do with the ball room to success; NA me with a complete set of investment business strategy; to help you smooth sailing; join Avandia billiards get soft;! The full support and protection of hardware for you to create chain billiard business empire; Rijindoujin easily achieve your dreams!

1, pocket pros and cons:

Any brand tables, there are pocket cards stopping the ball, fly ball, spit balls, seriously affecting the mood of competitive fairness and player.

Avandia tables, original 'pocket suction ball' 'multi-angle repeatedly rang bags' patent: the world's only sidelined vigorously irrigation bags;; the world's only pocket kept the ball; card ball; fly ball; spit balls; to carry bags smooth; loud bags comfortable and renowned industry

2, corner pros and cons:

Any tables, corners will be staying loose, causing the fly ball, spit balls, so players are agitated, seriously affecting the mood to play.

Avandia tables, unique angled design mechanics': Aircraft alloys as raw material, the only industry to ensure 'corner life is not loose staying' let golfers swing freely, ball without false hair, comfortable cozy.

3, playing sensation advantages and disadvantages:

Any brand tables, potholes on the state, deformation, cracking serious pinball vent force, inconsistent stretch various parts, players can not determine the severity of force, impossible to achieve had to walk, seriously affecting the game play.

Avandia tables, the overall high-tech steel state ': Never deformation, cracking, various parts of elastic uniform, not to vent pinball force, not an empty ring, wooden ring, had to walk to provide a strong guarantee, let the ball go bit handy, truly 'ball freely moving, human ball unity' of the highest level.

4, the ball the pros and cons:

Any brand tables, tape easy to aging, deformation fly ball, stretch all parts of inconsistency, the ball going in the opposite libraries, non-standard control stretch, unable to adapt to the players, the ball can not take place, leading players often missed, the loss of confidence.

Avandia tables, had to walk patent ': combining original' straight mosaic 'technology, using a dedicated game tape, precise realization ball take place, let players; strategizing, released by the heart' the game played. vividly.

5, Stone pros and cons:

Many brands tables, stone material is poor, poor technology, poor flatness, size is not standardized, nudge the ball away arc, resulting in a non-normal errors, allowing players disappointed away.

Avandia tables, the selection contest dedicated slate, and then a second double-sided grinding, the error control in less than 5 wire, truly super formation within the industry; staying in order to prevent the carriage, causing slate deformation, large frame in all global top 'Wood Double' steel processing to ensure smooth countertop eternity, let players enjoy playing.

To develop their full strength, truly fair duel.

6, Wood Technology advantages and disadvantages:

Low tables, wood did not go to the section bar handle, easy to deform, wood easy to absorb moisture, heat, resulting in severe bending, cracking, soft wood, causing the structure loose, uneven countertops, tables seriously affect the performance and service life.

Avandia tables, imported wood, to the festival Pakistani anti-variant processing, Zhengkao degreasing, physical split anti-bending, anti-burst high-pressure encrypted, and then through the world's top 'Wood Double' steel processing, so that the tables' wooden body Variable steel body ', station life and improve the stability ball a few times, so as to achieve quality warranty for life.

7. Paint the pros and cons:

Any brand tables, paint afraid of hot, afraid scraping, easy to fall off, reducing overall grade of the ball room.

Avandia tables, the unique 'paint patents': Independent research and development of metal paint, and add elastic quality metal fibers, superior adhesion, anti-smashing, anti-scald, anti-scratch, without worrying about damage to tables, beautiful and durable, beautiful eternity.

8, sets foot pros and cons:

Any brand tables, table legs fear of water, fear of tide, perishable, cracking, greatly reducing the ball room grade.

Avandia tables, exclusive 'sets foot patent': the use of high-tech material handling, absolutely cracking, moisture resistance, Taiwan leg lift leveling, will beautiful, durable, practical perfect combination to ensure that the tables are always as good as new.

9, process advantages and disadvantages:

Any brand tables, are semi-handmade, standard components, different forms, the connection between the component gap, easy to loose, deformation, tables absolutely no standards at all, seriously affect the playing sense, performance, aesthetics, there was no way to achieve the maintenance exchange.

Avandia tables, the only global independent research and development of CNC automation 'equipment, combining the original' moisture-proof insulation, seamless connectivity, anti-loosening 'process to ensure consistent tables in any part of the standard, exchange rate of one hundred percent. Any member can easily any problems interchangeable, providing a powerful guarantee for the lifetime warranty.