Yuhua incubator

Yuhua incubator

Product description:

Called incubator hatching equipment; incubator; incubator; incubator equipment; English name:. Incubators Yuhua Texas Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional incubator hatching machine manufacturing enterprises, is specialized in the incubation equipment and complete sets of automatic control and intelligent temperature and humidity control system development and production of high-tech enterprises in recent years the development and production of automatic YHZD microcomputer control system with full-featured, high reliability, simple operation, easy removal and so on. In the preferred provincial departments and foreign trade departments, product market coverage more than 30 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, export incubator also exported to over 20 countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, to become 200 units / month to Africa's largest fixed-point cooperation manufacturers. Enterprise Has a staff of more than three hundred products in automatic egg turning, automatic temperature control, humidity, and automatic ventilation have creative development, over the years for domestic and foreign research institutes and universities to provide large, medium and small other models hatching machine products much domestic and foreign customers.
Yuhua incubation Equipment Co., Ltd. strong technical force, to maintain a large number of professionals, with emphasis on technical guide, focus on quality management and after-sales service, and its products by the majority of users. Constant pursuit of excellence 'is the purpose of Yuhua products to Quality conquer the world and make friends with integrity 'is Yuhua purpose of the staff.
Company based on customer feedback and suggestions to develop and produce YHZD series microcomputer controller, using the world's popular microcomputer technology, make the machine intelligent, high measurement precision, automatic temperature control, humidity, high and low temperature alarm, automatic egg-turning working, reliable, low cost and wide applicability, fully functional. and there is a power, coal, water independent heating. micro computer controller has a variety of models can provide a variety of options for the incubation and hatching factory farms. Our company is now We are actively working to develop the European and American markets, to the broader industry to enter the field of international incubators.
Companies adhere to scientific and technological progress, committed to technological innovation and the development of ideas, adhere to the faith-based, market-oriented reform as a driving force to benefit as the center of the business philosophy, and strive to build the company into industrial diversification, market-oriented operation, standardized operation, and scientific management of modern enterprises.
We always adhere to customer satisfaction as their responsibility, solidarity, progressive, pioneering and innovative professionalism and dedication to our customers to provide first-class products and comprehensive services.
Welcome customers to visit, welcome domestic and international partners to create a better future Yuhua.