Supply GB pressure valve

Supply GB pressure valve

Product description:

product description:

GB valve opening and closing member is a gate, the direction of movement of the fluid direction perpendicular to the gate, the gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, can not be adjusted and the throttle gate valve has a small fluid resistance, sealing surface by erosion and media small erosion., hoist more effort, medium flow unrestricted, non-spoiler, do not reduce the pressure, simple shape, structure, length short, good manufacturing processes, a wide range of advantages.

Category GB cast steel gate valve, according to the sealing surface configuration can be divided into wedge gate-type valve and parallel gate-type valve, wedge gate-type valve can be divided into: single-gate type, gate-type double plate and elastic; parallel to the gate Plate valve can be divided into single-gate type and double plate according to the position of divided threaded stem, the valve can be divided into two clear shot valve and the dark bar.

Cast steel gate valve operation are:

Manual gear, electric, pneumatic and so on.

Applications: high pressure cast steel gate valve GB for nominal pressure PN4.0 ~ 10.0MPa, the pipeline operating temperature petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, power industry, etc. -29 ~ 600 ℃ various working conditions, cut off or connected line media, can not be adjusted and the throttle Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, acid media.

Structural features and advantages:
1, fluid resistance is small, sad sealing surface by the media small brush and erosion.
2, open and close more effort.
3, medium flow unrestricted, non-spoiler, without reducing pressure.
4, simple shape, structure, length short, good manufacturing processes, a wide range.

Valve installation and maintenance should note the following:
Hand wheel, handle and drive mechanism for lifting are not allowed to use, and forbid the collision.
Gate Valve should be mounted vertically (ie valve stem in a vertical position, the hand wheel at the top).
With a bypass valve to open the bypass valve opening should be preceded (in order to balance imports and exports and reduce the pressure opening force).
With gate drive mechanism, according to the provisions of product installation instructions.
If you frequently switch the valve to use, lubrication at least once a month.

Standard specification:

Design and manufacture standard: GB / T 12234-2007
Structure length of the standard: GB / T 12221-2005
Connecting flange Standard: GB / T 9113
Pressure temperature rating: GB / T 12224-2005
Test inspection standards: GB / T 13927-2008

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