Supply Buried Ball

Supply Buried Ball

Product description:

Buried Ball valve application scope

Construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection

Buried Ball Main parts and materials

Part Name
Body WCB ZG1Cr5Mo 18-8CrNi 18-12CrNiMo
cap WCB ZG1Cr5Mo 18-8CrNi 18-12CrNiMo
Stem 2Cr13 38CrMoA1 1Cr18Ni9Ti 1Cr18NiMo2aTi
Sphere WCB + HCr 1Cr5Mo 18-8CrNi 18-12CrNiMo
Seat PTFE / 13Cr / CrNi SS + STELLITE
Stud B7 / 35CrMoA 1Cr17Ni2
Screw nut2H/ 45 2Cr13
filler PTFE / Enhanced flexible graphite

Buried ball GQ47 type PN1.6MPa ~ 2.5MPa main connection size and weight

Nominal by DN

Bleeding Buried welded ball MQ361F Size: Full bore & standard diameter DN15 (1/2 ') ~ DN 1200 (48')

Pressure rating: ANSI Class 150 ~ 300, PN 16 ~ 40 Operating temperature: -29 ℃ (-20 ℉) ~ + 200 ℃ (392 ℉)

Adaptation media: Gasoline (liquefied natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas) Operation: Lever, gear (vertical / horizontal), electric

Advantage: International certification and standards for gasoline (liquefied natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas) pipeline applications designed specifically with the piping system with life free maintenance, without adjusting or lubricating oil, low operating cost two-way valve can be used in a special anti-corrosion coating layer

Main features: Connect one end of the valve end of the connection pipe (Note: size standard for connecting end: ASTM, EN, KS / JIS, etc.) mirror polished stainless steel ball must examine the entire physical bubble tight seal with carbon-reinforced PTFE (Teflon) seat cushion spring preload to ensure leak tightness and low torque force reduction valve operation in accordance with international standards against burst stem two O-ring seals and ensure that the stem can replace the stem dry bearing self-lubricating ability and metal coated with PTEF without additional lubricants stem and port connecting pipes can be extended according to customer design requirements.

Material: Body: Carbon steel ST37, A106-B, STPG 370, A105, ASTM A516-60, A216-WCB or equivalent.

Stainless steel 304 or 316 (depending on requirements)

Ball: Stainless steel 304 or 316 level

Seat: PTFE, reinforced PTFE, Nylon, Peek, etc.

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