Supply angle type valve

Supply angle type valve

Product description:

product description:
J44H / Y-type angle globe valve opening and closing parts of the plug-shaped valve, leaving it flat or cone seal centerline, the valve in a straight line along the fluid movement known as angle type valve angle valve, valve stem movement form, with lifting rod (stem down, the hand wheel does not lift), but also lift rotating rod (hand wheel and stem rotation movements, nut located in the body).

Angle type valve is only applicable to fully open and fully closed, does not allow for the regulation and throttling. Shutoff valve is mandatory sealed valve, so when the valve is closed, must exert pressure on the valve to force the shut-off valve sealing surface is not leak. When the media from below the valve into the valve, the operating force required to overcome the resistance, is the stem and packing friction and thrust by the pressure generated by the media, off 'angle type valve libido open' corner type valve 'of force, so the larger the diameter of the stem, otherwise the stem benders failures occur.

Angle shut-off valve is a common cut-off valve, mainly used to connect or disconnect the line of media, is generally not used to regulate the flow. Globe valves Products for pressure, temperature range is large, but are generally used for medium and small pipe diameter, suitable for steam, oil, water and other media ≤425 ℃ of.

1, the basic structure: Angle
2, nominal pressure: PN1.6-6.4 (MPa)
3, nominal diameter: DN15-300 (mm)

Structural features:

Standard specification:

Design and manufacture standard: GB / T 12233, GB / T 12235
Structure length of the standard: GB / T 12221-2005
Connecting flange Standard: GB / T 9113
Pressure temperature rating: GB / T 12224-2005
Test inspection standards: GB / T 13927-2008

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