Supply of electric valve

Supply of electric valve

Product description:

Electric valve is a valve made linear motion, which is matched with the Z-type rotary actuators, there are switches and intelligent. This valve is one of the most common simple opening and closing the valve, which uses the shutter down to work on and off the pipe in a fluid medium. it is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, paper, sewage treatment and other sectors. Suitable for a variety of conditions pipeline petroleum, chemical, fire station, etc., cut off or connected piping media.

By choosing different materials suitable medium: water, oil, steam, weak acid solution.

Operating modes: manual, gear transmission, electric, pneumatic and so on.

The valve structure is simple, easy operation, good performance and long service life.

Main features and uses:
1, compact structure, reasonable design, the valve rigid, channel flow, flow resistance coefficient
2, the sealing surface of stainless steel and tungsten carbide for long life.
3, the use of flexible graphite packing, sealing, reliable, light and flexible operation.
4, the drive way: electric, pneumatic, gear, structural forms: bomb-type wedge single gate, rigid wedge single slide double plate
5, the opening and closing device is turned on or cut off the pipeline media are widely used in chemical, fire, power plants and other oil products, steam piping for

Product Type: Z940H / W / Y
Products pass through: 40-600mm
Product pressure: 16-160LB

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