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Summer Sleeves Driving Sun Cuff Sleeve Arm Sleeve Men's Long South Korea Ice Silk Sunscreen Sleeve Female UV Protection Gloves

Summer Sleeves Driving Sun Cuff Sleeve Arm Sleeve Men's Long South Korea Ice Silk Sunscreen Sleeve Female UV Protection Gloves
Product code: 16181700030
Unit price 2.89$
Sold quantity 27343
Available stock 898

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 spring
  • Brand: Ignatius
  • size: one size
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Style: semi-finger gloves
  • Item: YCS-909
  • Color classification: beige taro purple black pink lake blue gray white light pink-B points refers to the taro purple-B sub-section refers to the lake blue-B points refers to the white-B points refers to the beige-B sub-paragraph gray -B points refers to the black-B sub-paragraph section
  • Texture: other
  • Category: General
  • Applicable people: couple middle age: 40-59 years old youth: 20-39 year olds
  • According to the relationship of gifts: friends

Only buy good quality, really Korean high-quality ice silk fabric,

Cooling sunscreen, import process quality

Must not be cheaper to save a few dollars to buy cheap material yo!

Manager warm tips, please know before shooting:

A, 'on the fabric'South Korea imported ice silk fabric production, weaving fine dense elasticity, not only can play a certain role in sunscreen and anti-ultraviolet, and tight tail effect, but no tight feeling, wearing no hot, men and women can use, Is outdoor sports, leisure, travel wild single product yo.

B, 'on the effect'Wear, you can reduce the skin surface temperature of about 5 degrees, usually about 5 degrees, the summer weather is hot, the skin feels is not so obvious Kazakhstan.Of course, if some people want to wear a cold immediately it is impossible, It is not consistent with the fact that the spring and autumn time to wear, the effect of ice is very obvious.

C, 'on the use of'Pro to use the time to avoid sharp things and nails yo, first the whole glove line together, and then gradually from the wrist to the top of the arm can stretch Kazakhstan.

D, 'On the price' 'soaring prices today, labor costs, packaging costs, logistics and freight' everyone their own calculation Oh ~ ~The company uses high-quality craft and fabric quality, gloves to wear light and breathable comfortable without pressure, the normal arm around the wear, the arm without the feeling of rest. A lot of cheap material texture slightly rough, the overall texture feels relatively thick, long Time to wear gas-tight, long-term wear arm arm has a certain tight sense of restraint.

E, 'About length'Because the gloves have a strong stretch, the late ironing production process, can not guarantee that the same length, new products have the length of the difference, this is normal, non-commodity quality, is the nature of these items, new two Slightly 1-3CM length error, only need to slightly stretch on the consistent yo. Mind not to shoot oh ~ ~

B points finger sets of sleeves section