Summer ice sunscreen cuff cuff arm sleeve driving long section of Korean men and women ice silk sleeve UV sunscreen gloves

Summer ice sunscreen cuff cuff arm sleeve driving long section of Korean men and women ice silk sleeve UV sunscreen gloves

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2016
  • Brand: Ignatius Pa Lufthansa
  • size: one size
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Style: half-finger gloves
  • Product Number: YCS-909
  • Color Category: White Lake blue pink beige gray black peach pink purple taro points -B -B refers to paragraph pink purple taro points refers to paragraph refers to sub-paragraph -B -B lake blue white sub-paragraph refers -B points finger paragraph refers to sub-paragraph gray beige -B -B points refers to paragraph
  • Texture: Other
  • Category: General
  • Applicable people: a couple of middle-aged: 40-59-year-olds: 20-39 year-olds
  • Press Relations gifts: Friends

Just bought quality, real quality Korean ice silk fabrics,

Cool sun, the import process quality

Be sure not to save a few dollars cheaper to buy a cheap material yo!

Tips manager, please kept informed before making:

A, [on fabric]South Korean imports of ice silk fabric production, weaving delicate dense elastic good, not only can play a cooling effect of sun and UV, tight docile and good effect, but no sense of tension, not to wear on hot, young and old can be used, outdoor sports, leisure, travel, wild single product yo.

B, effect [on]After worn on the skin can reduce the surface temperature of about 5 degrees, usually about 5 degrees, the summer weather is hot, the skin feels so special is not obvious ha. Of course if you want to put on some pro soon becomes cold it is impossible Oh, that does not fit the facts. wear Spring days, ice sense of the effect is obvious.

C, on the use of []When parents who used to avoid sharp nails and stuff yo, the entire first line and glove together, and then gradually stretched to the upper arm from the wrist to Kazakhstan.

D, 【about the price】High-quality technology and quality fabric, lightweight breathable and comfortable to wear without pressure, arm unfettered feeling a lot of cheap material texture a little rough, the overall texture feels some relatively thick, long wear tight, long-term wear a certain hand arm tight sense of restraint, the basic one-time use.

E, [Length] AboutBecause a super elastic gloves, ironing catcher after the late production process, are not guaranteed the same length, the length of the new products have differences, this is a normal, non-commodity quality and technical characteristics are such items, two new products are length slightly 1-3CM error, just slightly under tension on the consistent yo. Do not mind Oh shoot ~~

B sub-paragraph refers to the sleeve