Supply of micro -barrier valve

Supply of micro -barrier valve

Product description:

Micro Slow Close Check Valve

•Product Usage
Micro Slow Close Check Valve for water supply and drainage, installed in the pump outlet to prevent backflow media and the elimination of destructive water hammer, and can effectively reduce the water hammer pressure valve closed, can guarantee safe operation of the pipeline network
Micro Slow Close Check Valve has a light valve, the opening of large, energy-saving effect is remarkable, fluid resistance, water hammer eliminator mechanism design, reliable sealing performance, wear resistance, long life, smooth operation without vibration no noise, etc.
• Performance Parameters
HH44T-10 ~ 25
HH44X-10 ~ 25
HH44H-10 ~ 25
Working Pressure (MPa)
Temperature (℃)
For media
Body, bonnet
Gray cast iron, carbon steel
Rubber assembly
The valve shaft
stainless steel

Product Type : HG41A

Manufacturing standards : GB12235

Flange Standard : GB9113.26

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