Wholesale Supply floating ball

Wholesale Supply floating ball

Product description:

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product description:
Ball valve without a fixed axis, called a floating ball valve, also known as the floating ball valve floating ball valve has two valve body seat ring, gripping a ball between them, with a through hole on the ball, pass equal to the inner diameter of the pipe diameter of the hole, and said full bore ball; diameter slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the through-hole pipe, said reduced diameter valve stem by means of a ball can be freely rotated in the valve seat ring in the open, the ball hole. and pipe diameter aligned to ensure that the pipeline has been working medium of least resistance. When the stem 1/4 turn, ball hole perpendicular to the valve passage, by adding to preload and medium pressure valve seat ring of the sphere two tight pressed on the outlet side of the seat ring, thus ensuring the valve is completely sealed. This ball belongs to single mandatory seal.

Floating ball valve for general industrial use, and for chemical, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy and other industries and media containing hydrogen sulfide, impurities, corrosion serious long distance gas pipelines.

Floating ball valve according to different requirements to shell material is based are divided into: ordinary carbon steel WCB, A105; stainless steel series 304316; cold steel series LCB, LCC; sulfur series.

Structural features:
The main feature is a sphere floating ball unsupported shaft, the ball was holding two seats of which was 'floating' status, it is mainly used to cut off the pipeline, distribution and change the direction of media flow. The main features floating ball valve seat seal design, Reliable inverted sealing valve stem seals, fire-static function, automatic pressure relief and structural characteristics of locking devices.

The main structural features floating ball is:

1. The valve has opened, closed position indicator;
2. The locking device;
3. Stem Anti-fly structure;
The anti-static devices;
5. Fire structure;
6. Unique seating structure;
7. flange (valve body is connected with the left section) no leakage structure.

Standard specification:
Design and manufacture standard: GB / T 12237-2007
Structure length of the standard: GB / T 12221-2005
Connecting flange Standard: GB / T 9113
Pressure temperature rating: GB / T 12224-2005
Test inspection standards: GB / T 13927-2008

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